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Bahrain: One Country, Two Rallies

  21 February 2011

Seven days have passed since Bahrain's Day of Wrath protests which started on February 14, causing the death of eight protesters in the capital Manama. While protesters continue to camp in Pearl (Lulu) Roundabout, two rallies, one in support of the protests and another in support of the royal family are taking place as I type.

Bahrain: Withdrawal of Police as Protesters Reclaim Lulu Roundabout

  19 February 2011

Bahraini protesters once again thronged to Lulu Roundabout in the capital Manama, after being dispersed from it in a pre-dawn raid, which left three people dead, countless injured, and up to 60 people still missing and unaccounted for. Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa meanwhile addressed Bahrainis on state TV, appealing for calm, national dialogue and a day of mourning.

Bahrain: Army Withdrawing from Lulu Roundabout Area

  19 February 2011

Reports coming from Bahrain's Twitter community around Manama on Saturday February 20th of army vehicles withdrawing from Lulu Roundabout where protesters had protested peacefully on Wednesday but were later raided pre-dawn the following morning. On Friday afternoon, protesters headed towards Lulu Roundabout once again only to face live bullets from the military presence at the area.

Bahrain: Mourning the Dead

  19 February 2011

On Friday, thousands paid their respects to the people who died in Thursday's pre-dawn raid at LuLu Roundabout which lead to the death of four men. Mourners followed funeral processions in Daih, Karzakan and Sitra on Friday morning.

Bahrain: Crown Prince Calls for Peace on National TV

  18 February 2011

In midst of the chaos of the shooting of protesters in the capital, Bahrain's Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa appeared on a live television program tonight on Bahrain TV at around 6:30 pm local time on Friday 18 February, 2011. Bahrain's Twittersphere live-tweeted his interview.

Bahrain: More Gunshots in Capital

  18 February 2011

Reports of shootings in different locations in the Bahraini capital Manama have flooded social media sites this Friday afternoon. Tweeps at the scene describe the carnage as Bahrain braces itself for more bloodshed and heartbreak.

Bahrain: Protests Erupt at Salmaniya Hospital

  17 February 2011

Chaos has hit Bahrain's Salmaniya Hospital, the country's largest public hospital, after Thursday pre dawn police raid on protesters in Lulu Roundabout. Doctors had to protest to be able to provide emergency care to those injured. Read on to see what happened there.

Bahrain: News of Dawn Raid Provokes Rage and Disbelief

  17 February 2011

People across Bahrain woke up to go to work today (Thursday 17 February, 2011) to the news of a dawn police raid on anti-government protestors camped out at Lulu Roundabout in capital Manama. Facebook and Twitter have been flooded with reactions of rage, horror and disbelief at the events that have unfolded.

Bahrain: Videos of Dawn Raid on Lulu Roundabout

  17 February 2011

In the early hours of Thursday 17th February, at around 3am local Bahrain time, riot police force attacked sleeping protesters at Lulu Roundabout, the focal point of Bahrain's ongoing Day of Wrath protests. These are some of the videos of the events that have surfaced so far.

Pearl Roundabout, Bahrain's Tahrir Square

  15 February 2011

Following the burial of the first Bahraini protestor to be killed after clashes with riot police on Monday February 14, 2011, hundreds more protestors are gathered once more at Pearl Roundabout in capital Manama, the epicentre of the country's demonstrations.