Vira Kuryko

Vira Kuryko-Agiyenko is from Chernihiv, Ukraine. She is a reporter and writer for Ukrainian media outlets such as The Ukrainians, Reporters, Lokalna Istoria (Local History), and more. She has penned a collection of stories including “The Street of Complicits: The Lukianenko’s Chernihiv Case” (in Ukrainian), a historical non-fiction for children “Mazepa: The Right for Sword” (in Ukrainian), and a non-fiction book titled “The Reform of a Healthy Person” (in Ukrainian). She has been nominated for the BBC Book of the Year literary prize, is an awardee of the prize LitAccent of the Year 2020, winner of the contest Chest’ Profesiyi 2020 (Honor of the Profession) in a nomination Reportage, and won the Samovydets (The Eyewitness) feature stories contest in 2019. Currently, Vira is working for a project for documenting Russian war crimes in Ukraine called The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies.

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