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Russia: Social friction police

LJ user Savinkoff comments on [RUS] the establishment of Interior Ministry squads targeted at averting social friction in Russian regions, such as protests and demonstrations due to the economic crisis.

Nabucco: Running out of gas

Der Spiegelfechter comments on [GER] the agreement to build gas pipeline Nabucco and wonders where the gas will be coming from, whereas Der Unbequeme questions [GER] the need of yet another pipeline. LJ user xystos argues [RUS] why Nabucco is a mere mirage, and LJ user tertiaroma sees [RUS] the...

Nabucco: Chorus of the energy slaves

Gabriela Ionita of Power&PoliticsWeblog discusses the recent agreement in Ankara on the construction of the western financed Nabucco gas pipeline and competition with Russia over Caucasian and Central Asian gas supplies and deliveries to Europe.

Lithuania: Russian charter challenges loyalty

Lituanica comments on news that a Russian NGO is starting to issue so called Russian charters – a certificate of allegiance to Moscow – to ethnic Russians outside of the country and sees it as a potential threat that state citizens of other countries may declare loyalty to Moscow.

Russia: Search engine politics

LJ user kostyaorlov posts [RUS] statistics on the frequency of searches for political parties by leading search engine Yandex in various Russian regions, thus indicating geographic variation of political interest among web users.

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