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Georgia War: Georgia Will Join NATO

  12 August 2008

AnTyx claims that NATO Secretary General has expressed certainty of future Georgian NATO-membership, and continues to account for Estonian reaction to the conflict, concluding with the statement – quoting John McCain – “I am a Georgian”.

Georgia War: End of War – At What Price?

  12 August 2008

Transatlantic Politics asks what price will have to be paid by Georgia to gain peace on Russia's terms, noting that Moscow has already demanded Georgia's demilitarization, and wonders whether the situation might result in a brutal regime change, end of Georgian NATO-aspirations, and increased Russian leverage on Caucasus’ energy resources.

Georgia War: A Polish View

  12 August 2008

Raf Uzar writes about mixed opinions in Poland about the conflict between Russia and Georgia, emanating primarily from uncertainties on what Polish president Kaczyński might get up to, as he prepares to head off to Tbilisi.

Georgia and Estonia: Small and Vulnerable States

  12 August 2008

Osteuropablog discusses (GER) the similarities between Georgia's and Estonia's international positions as small and vulnerable states, and also wonders what will happen to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russian Sochi – a city located near to the ongoing conflict in Georgia.

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