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Nepal: Bloggers Form Association

  23 April 2007

Twenty-four bloggers from capital Kathmandu gathered on Saturday April 21 to discuss the formation of Bloggers Association of Nepal (BLOGAN) for the promotion and protection of blogs and blogging in the tiny Himalayan country where blogs are yet to be recognized by the population.

Nepal: Beauties and the Beasts?

  10 April 2007

As in earlier years, Miss Nepal 2007 contest drew protests from women activists and Nepali bloggers were not pleased. Even if Maoists minister in the interim government talked against it, some of them thought the protest was for nothing.

Nepal: Cautious Welcome to Rebels in Government

  3 April 2007

The Maoists of Nepal, who ended 12-year-long armed insurgency to come to the mainstream politics, joined the government on April 1 taking up five ministries under premiership of Girija Prasad Koirala. More than 13,000 people lost their lives due to the insurgency and that was something peaceful poluation of the...

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