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Brazil: Murder or Suicide of Controversial Blogger?

  26 December 2011

Blogger Alexander Hamilton, 'the Mosquito', was found dead in his apartment in Brazil. According to the police, it was a case of "suicide by hanging." This quick conclusion, however, has not convinced his friends and family, who are demanding a rigorous investigation of the case.

Brazil: Blogging on the Archives of the Dictatorship

  22 December 2011

Journalist Niara de Oliveira published quotes [pt] from a selection of blogs that participated in the fourth blogging carnival #DesarquivandoBR (Unarchiving Brazil), that took place on December 14, on opening the archives of the Brazilian Dictatorship (1964 to 1985).

Brazil: Blogger Murdered in the State of Rio Grande do Norte

  21 December 2011

Tiago Aguiar denounces the assassination of the blogger Edinaldo Filgueira, from the small town of Serra do Mel, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Edinaldo, who believed in “information as a form liberation of humanity”, was allegedly murdered due to a survey on public education he posted...

Brazil-Bahrain: Tear Gas for Repression “Made in Brazil”

  17 December 2011

Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff reveals on Twitter that the tear gas devices used for repressing the civilian population of Bahrain is manufactured [pt] in the city of Nova Iguaçu, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and adds he feels ashamed [pt] for his country exporting such weapons.

Brazil: Bishop Points Out Rape as Women's Excuse for Abortion

  17 December 2011

Luis Soares, from the blog Pragmatismo Político (Political Pragmatism) quotes [pt] Bishop of Guarulhos, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, Luiz Gonzaga Bergonzini, who said that “women lie when they say they were raped”. In the bishop's mind, he adds, women lie in order to have abortions, because the...

Brazil: Blogger Found Dead, Hanged: Suicide or Assassination?

  15 December 2011

Brazilian blogger Altamiro Borges announces [pt] on his blog, the death of blogger Hamilton Alexander, the “Mosquito”, found dead, hanged, at his home. He adds that friends and family are not convinced of this version, because the blogger was famous for attacking politicians in his state, Santa Catarina, south of...

Brazil: A Book on Fraudulent Privatizations

  14 December 2011

Brazilian filmmaker Jorge Furtado comments on [pt] a book that he considers to be the best of 2011: “Privataria Tucana”. The title is a play with words that links piracy, privatization and toucans, the symbol of the Social Democrat Party (PSDB). The book exposes policies of privatization carried out during...

Brazil: Central Bus Station Reflects Precariousness of Human Rights

  14 December 2011

Emmanuel Rodrigues, writing for the Brazilian blog Eleições Hoje (Elections Today), comments on [pt] the precarious situation of homeless people and others who ramble around the central bus station of Brasilia, Brazil's capital. Rodrigues makes a comparison with the overall situation of the country and the denial of rights to...

Brazil: On a Bill that Bans Drinking in Public Places

  14 December 2011

Brazilian blogger Leonardo Cisneiros comments on [pt] a proposed bill in the city of Recife (Pernambuco state) that prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places. The proposed bill has caused mixed reactions among the population, including  a motion of disgust [pt] and online reactions that have been censored...

Brazil: Youth Demands for “Real Democracy Now”

  13 December 2011

Brazilian journalist and blogger Lucas Morais analyzes [pt] the revolutionary movements that have spread throughout the world in 2011 and says that “this youth has increasingly become more aware of the limits of capitalist democracy, and not for nothing, it is fighting for a ‘real democracy now'”.

Brazil: Life of Blogger Ricardo Gama Back Under Threat

  11 December 2011

Controversial Brazilian blogger Ricardo Gama, who was shot on a politically motivated attack back in April, now informs [pt] he has received new death threats in the last few days on his video-blog. Gama, a prolific blogger from Rio de Janeiro, often criticizes and denounces the government of the state.

Brazil: Constraining Identities Through “Aesthetic Standards”

  10 December 2011

Brazilian journalist and blogger André Forestieri writes [pt] about the rights of an employer to constrain a black employee if he or she does not fit the “aesthetic standards” imposed by society. He illustrates with the case of a student whose teacher in a school she worked wanted her to...

Brazil: Referendum on the Separation of Pará State

  9 December 2011

Brazilian blogger João Villaverde writes [pt] about the coming referendum in the Amazonian state of Pará, that could divide the state into three new separate entities. This first-time people's ballot on a matter that had only been decided by politicians, will take place on Sunday, December 11.

Brazil: Anti-Homophobia Bill Suffers a “Death Blow”

  9 December 2011

Brazilian lawyer Thiago Fiago comments on [pt] the recent changes to the bill PLC122, which originally intended to criminalize homophobia. Fiago says the proposed bill has suffered a “death blow” and criticizes the role of religion, and particularly evangelical representatives, in the parliament.  

Brazil: Student Sued by the City Councilor of Natal

  9 December 2011

In the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, the city councilor of Natal, Julio Protásio, is suing the student and social activist Leonardo Miranda for comments made on Twitter on a criminal case against Protásio and other city councilors linked to misuse of public funds, informs us [pt] the...

Brazil: The Death of Socrates, A Brazilian Idol

  8 December 2011

Sócrates, one of the greatest Brazilian soccer players, died at the age of 57 on December 4, 2011, a result of septic shock caused by excessive consumption of alcohol over the years. The blogosphere pays a last tribute to this soccer idol whose rare "critical thinking" made him a political leader in and out of the field.

Brazil: Picture of President Dilma Sparks “Low-level” Debate

  6 December 2011

Brazilian journalist Marco Antônio Araújo criticizes [pt] the “low level” political debate that followed the recent release of an unprecedented picture of President Dilma Roussef. The “powerful picture” shows Rousseff during the dictatorship, at the age of 22, under interrogation by military who were hiding their faces. “Shame?”, Araujo asks.