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Brazil: On Opening the Archives of the Dictatorship

  31 March 2011

A collective blogging was called to demand the opening of the archives of the Brazilian military dictatorship (1964-1985), responsible for torturing of thousands and for killing 380 Brazilians. Of these, 147 remain missing and nothing is known about the fate of their bodies. Until now their families are suffering without knowing their stories.

Brazil: More Poetry, Less Money

  27 March 2011

Following the discussion on The Cost of Financing Culture in Brazil, blogger Paulo Rená introduces [pt] a new project – “More Poetry, Less Money” (@maispoesia) – where “any person can pick up a poem, record it for a video platform” and post it using the hashtag #MaisPoesiaMenosDinheiro.

Brazil: The Cost of Financing Culture

  26 March 2011

Recent news that the Brazilian Ministry of Culture has authorized famous singer Maria Bethânia to raise R$ 1.3 million tax free (Brazilian reais - approximately US$ 777,000) to create a poetry blog, has aroused the anger of bloggers, Twitter users and other cultural activists.

Brazil: Critical Mass, a month later

  26 March 2011

One month after “a reckless madman ran over a group of cyclists in Porto Alegre”, during the Critical Mass event, Brazilian blogger and journalist Cristina Rodrigues writes [pt] about some concrete developments in the city, as a result of the social movement that has been created.

Brazil: Racism against Federal Judge

  25 March 2011

Blogger Renato Rovai regrets [pt] that Júlio Campos [pt] – a Federal Deputy from the Brazilian Democratas right wing party- has referred to the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court, Joaquim Barbosa, as the “dark brown of the Supreme”. Campos later apologized [pt] for what were considered racist words.

Brazil: Criminalization of Guarani-Kaiowá Leaders

  20 March 2011

Israel Sassá comments [pt] on the criminalization process that is taking place against the leaders of the indigenous Guarani Kaiowa community in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. According to him, members of the community are accused because they have been camping along federal roads after illegal farmers have stolen their...

Brazil: Gay federal deputy threatened

  20 March 2011

Blogger Paulo Lopes denounces [pt] life threats on Twitter directed to the federal deputy Jean Wyllys – the first assumed homossexual to enter the Brazilian Parliament. Rudá Ricci, on the blog De Esquerda em Esquerda (From Left to Left) compares [pt] Wyllys with the US activist Harvey Milk.

Brazil: Two more cyclists get hit in Porto Alegre

  16 March 2011

Two cyclists were run over on March 13 in Porto Alegre, informs the blog Massa Crítica (Critical Mass) [pt]. Just a few days before, Global Voices had reported on a controversial “accident or attempted murder”  of 12 to 20 cyclists in a bicycle event in the same city.

Brazil: International Women's Day and Amnesty

  16 March 2011

As part of the celebrations of the International Women's Day, on March 8, six former political prisioners received the offical amnesty by the Brazilian Government, says [pt] Rogério Tomaz Jr, from the blog Conexão Brasília-Maranhão. These six women were  honoured for the persecution they suffered during the Military Dictatorship (1964-1985)

Brazil: Reactions to Egyptian and Middle Eastern Crises

  14 March 2011

From January 25, 2011, the world followed the course of the Egyptian revolutionary conflict, awaiting the fall of Hosni Mubarak, which finally arrived on 11 February after weeks of protest. In the wake of Egypt's crisis, the Brazilian blogosphere was filled with analysis, celebrations and prognoses for the future.

Brazil: Critical Mass Bicycle Event – Accident or Homicide?

  7 March 2011

In late February, the monthly event that brings together dozens of cyclists to ride through the streets of Porto Alegre, Brazil, aiming to encourage bicycle use - Critical Mass - ended in tragedy when a car driver hit 12 cyclists and left many injured. Bloggers ask: was it an accident or murder?

Brazil: Outrage of Brazilian Woman Deported from Spain

  2 March 2011

The deportation from Spain of Brazilian holidaymaker Denise Severo, a 34-year-old university researcher, has once again raised the issue of immigration between the two countries. Severo has written an open letter about her experience which has been widely disseminated by various bloggers, and prompted many reactions to her treatment by Spanish immigration authorities.