Raphael Tsavkko Garcia · February, 2011

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Brazil: Collateral concerns on newspaper's “failures”

  18 February 2011

Update on GV's Brazil: Newspaper Folha de São Paulo censors satirical blog: Lino Bocchini shares [pt] Leandro Arndt's concerns on intellectual property prosecution. Arndt had created the blog Falha de São Pedro (St. Peter's Failure) [pt] before Bocchini's Falha de São Paulo (St. Paul's Failure) [pt] also aiming to mock...

Brazil/USA: “Can the US shutdown the Internet?”

  18 February 2011

On his blog, brazilian journalist Altamiro Borges writes [pt, en] about the capacity of the USA to shutdown the internet in moments of crisis while commenting on an article by Cuarta Generación (Fourth Generation) [es], which says “US is heavily investing in order not to be surprised by the web”.

Brazil: Criminalization of Sharing Internet via Wifi

  14 February 2011

On January 27 Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency - ANATEL - seized equipment and fined an internet user approximately $ 1,810 USD for sharing his wifi connection with neighbors in the capital of Piauí state. In times of appeal for digital inclusion, bloggers comment on the limits posed by such criminalization.

Brazil: Tribute to musician Chico Science

  3 February 2011

Pierre Lucena from the blog Acerto de Contas, pays tribute [pt] to Chico Science, deceased 14 years ago. He was the founder of one of the most influential musical movements in Brazil – Mangue Beat – a blended rock and punk style with traditional beats from the northeast.