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Brazil: Cartoons of slum violence

  29 November 2010

Conceição Oliveira, at her blog Maria Frô, posts [pt] a series of cartoons by renowned Brazilian political cartoonist Carlos Latuff, which depict the recent outbreak of violence in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil: Three proposals to ease Rio chaos

  29 November 2010

Bruno Cava, writing for the Amálgama blog, analyzes [pt] the current wave of violence in Rio de Janeiro's slums, and proposes three possible solutions: new policies for development and urbanization of poor areas, democratization of the criminal justice system and decriminalization of all illicit drugs.

Brazil: Letter from the Digital Culture Forum for internet freedom

  29 November 2010

Antônio Arles, from Arlesophia blog, reproduces [pt] the Letter from the Digital Culture Forum for internet freedom, created by many cyberactivists during the Digital Culture Forum that took place in São Paulo this month. The manifesto defends freedom in the internet and takes a stand against the censorship bills proposed...

Brazil: new wave of discussion of the role of “Militant Atheists”

  17 November 2010

On October 10, the famous liberation theologian Frei Betto wrote an article in a major Brazilian newspaper, Folha de São Paulo – reproduced by the Blog do Miro [Miro's Blog, pt] –  in which he compared “militant atheism” with torture. Atheists reactions came quickly [pt], expressing disappointment with the “explicit...

Brazil: Eradicating the Indigenous Guarani Kaiowa

  16 November 2010

Guarani still represent one of the most numerous indigenous people in Brazil, though they are profoundly affected by the loss of almost all their land in the last century. In the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Guarani Kaiowa, one of three groups descended from the original, are the target of constant attacks and victims of an alarming rash of suicides.

Brazil: more criticism of media regulation

  15 November 2010

André Kenji, from the blog Dissidência, compares [pt] media regulation in Brazil and the USA, saying that public TV licenses cannot be treated as the private property of media owners. Meanwhile, Jorge Seadi at Sul21 comments [pt] that UNESCO has also proposed more independent control over the media in Brazil.

Brazil: fires and racism

  12 November 2010

Eduardo Guimarães, from Blog da Cidadania (Citzenship Blog) compares [pt] the increasing and frightening number of  fires in the slums of São Paulo with the outbreak of racism that affects the city. He accuses the government of failing to properly investigate the cases, and questions if the fires are in fact the...

Brazil: why does the media fear debate?

  10 November 2010

On his blog, Ricardo Kotscho asks himself [pt] why Brazil's mainstream media is so afraid to debate new regulation of the sector. Meanwhile, Rogério Tomaz Jr, from the blog Conexão Brasília Maranhão, discusses [pt] the need for greater social control of the media in order to promote democracy.

Brazil: online revolt against TV channel

  4 November 2010

Many Twitter users, such as @ligadoemsérie [pt], @todearaujo [pt], @judaocombr [br] and @Inagaki [pt] tweeted their dissatisfaction with pay-TV channel FOX [pt] for its premiere of a long-awaited horror series that was shown with several cuts [pt], reducing broadcast time by ten minutes.

Brazil: Right of reply on Twitter

  1 November 2010

Gabriela Zago, from the ius communicatio blog tells us [pt] about the first time Brazil's TSE (Superior Electoral Court) granted the right of reply on Twitter. Rui Falcão, one of president-elect Dilma Rousseff's campaign coordinators, was condemnd by the TSE for allegedly posting offensive tweets regarding opposition candidate, José Serra.