Raphael Tsavkko Garcia · October, 2010

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Brazil: Magazine censored by opposition party

  19 October 2010

The magazine Revista do Brasil, produced by the Rede Brasil Atual, has been censored by the opposition party, PSDB and its candidate, José Serra, for allegedly campaigning in favour of rival candidate Dilma Rousseff, informs [pt] Conceição Oliveira, in her blog, Maria Frô. Rede released [pt] a note repudiating the opposition's...

Brazil: Prejudice against atheists

  13 October 2010

Robson Fernando, in his blog Arauto da Consciência, comments [pt] on an article written by political activist and liberation theologist Frei Betto that argued those who tortured left-wing Brazilian presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff during the Military Dictatorship (1964-1985) “practiced militant atheism.” Fernando claims Betto “slandered atheism and, by extension, disrespected thousands...

Brazil: more media censorship

  8 October 2010

Rogério Tomaz Jr, from the blog Conexão Brasília Maranhão [Connection Brasília Maranhão], comments [pt] on the censorship suffered by psychoanalyst Maria Rita Kehl, fired by the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo (The State of São Paulo] over an article [pt] criticizing the media's coverage of the Brazilian electoral process.

Brazil: 9 year old victim of “electoral bullying”

  8 October 2010

Arnóbio Rocha, in his own blog, denounces [pt] what he calls “Electoral Bullying”, an episode in which his 9 year old daughter was attacked by children of about the same age in a middle school, while defending her father's candidate in the Brazilian presidential election. Eduardo Guimarães, from the Blog...

Brazil: “48 Hours Democracy”

  2 October 2010

For the first time in history, Brazilian bloggers are gathered for a 48 hours livestream coverage of the electoral voting day in Brazil (starting on October 2 at 9 am until October 4 at 9 am). A website [pt] has been set up aiming to exercise e-democracy and free speech...