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Brazil: Disgust at prejudice against atheists on live TV

  30 July 2010

Robson Fernando comments [pt] on a declaration of the police-show host José Luiz Datena who has “associated atheists and disbelief in God with everything that sucks” and said that “Atheists have no moral boundaries, the most brutal crimes are linked to the ‘lack of God in the heart'” on live...

Brazil: Electoral Blogsphere Censored

  17 July 2010

Censorship in the Brazilian blogsphere is an extremely sensitive issue due to a dictatorship past when it was legal. As the presidential elections of 2010 approach, the siege tightens and bloggers react.

Brazil: Death of an Old and Brave Newspaper

  15 July 2010

Brizola Neto says that one of the oldest Brazilian newspapers, Jornal do Brasil (JB) will cease its printed version and will only run online. The blogger adds that the almost-120-years-old newspaper was a brave opponent to the Brazilian dictatorship (1964-1985) and its disappearance will leave a gap in Rio de...

Brazil: Jokes and the World Cup Octopus

  13 July 2010

Many Brazilian bloggers started making jokes with the ability of an octopus named Paul to “predict” the results of many matches of the 2010 FIFA Wolrd Cup, incluiding the one of the final match. The funny images can be found here, here, here and here and a website was also...

Brazil: Prejudice against Paraguay in the Media

  12 July 2010

A diplomatic incident between Brazil and Paraguay broke out in the same day that the latter was eliminated from the World Cup. In focus is a prejudiced video report about the participation of Paraguay in the Cup, which was broadcasted by a Brazilian television channel, Rede Globo's SporTV.

Brazil: Twitter Jokes on a ‘Red Card Player’

  5 July 2010

Considered by many the main culprit for the elimination of the Brazilian team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup due to his bad behaviour in the football field, player Felipe Melo became the victim of a series of jokes in the twittersphere [pt].

Brazil: Critic to Vatican's position on the death of Saramago

  5 July 2010

Leonardo Sakamoto criticizes [pt] Vatican's position on the death of portuguese Nobel Prize winner José Saramago. He says that “there are people celebrating the death of Saramago”, referring to an article which was published in Italy's main Roman Catholic  newspaper “L’Osservatore Romano”.