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Brazil/Israel: Open letter to the Israeli government

  11 June 2010

“Now, after the coward attack in international waters carried out by Israeli military against the fleet of humanitarian aid to Gaza” says Maria Frô [pt], “again [the movie-maker Sílvio] Tendler manifests” in an open letter to the Israeli government.

Global: Chances Team by Team at the 2010 World Cup

  11 June 2010

Hugo Albuquerque from O Descurvo blog writes [pt] about each and every national football team that will play in the 2010 Fifa World Cup describing the pros and cons of every one of them and also a little bit of each one's history on international matches.

Brazil: “Why does not Brazil want to punish torturers?”

  9 June 2010

Leonardo Sakamoto asks [pt] a tough question that many Brazilians have posed to themselves: “Why does not Brazil want to punish torturers?”. He quotes a recent poll in which Brazilian population said that they do not want to punish those who tortured hundreds of people during the 1964 military dictatorship...

Brazil: Brazilian President in Israeli TV Video-Joke

  7 June 2010

Brazillian netcitizens react to Israeli Latma TV video mocking President Lula da Silva. Hellington from Full ideas blog believes [pt] that the video only shows the ignorance of the world concerning Brazil, though he agrees with the idea that the Brazilian President shouldn't meddle with Iran and other sensitive issues....

Brazil/Bulgaria: Domain Name Debate

  2 June 2010

Following the debate initiated in January 2010, Eternal Remont blog discusses the ongoing case of the Cyrillic Internet domain name of Bulgaria “.бг” which is, allegedly, too similar to the Brazilian one in latin script “.br”.

Brazil: The Eleitor2010 Project

  2 June 2010

On May 29th Eleitor2010 [Elector2010, pt] was officaly launched. According to the press release [pt] it is a Ushahidi-based crowdsourcing platform which aims to aggregate citizen denouncements during this year's electoral process in Brazil.

Brazil: Film-maker Missing After Flotilla Attack

  1 June 2010

Brazilian Film-maker Iara Lee has been missing since yesterday's attack against the Freedom Flotilla [pt] near Gaza by the Israeli army, reports [pt] Thais Romanelli from Opera Mundi. Luiz Carlos Azenha, from Vi o Mundo [I Saw the World, pt] reproduces an open letter from the film-maker, supporting her reasons...