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Brazil: Exchange Student Victim of Racism at the University

  27 May 2010

Kadija Tu, an exchange student from Guinea-Bissau, was severely beaten inside the campus of UFPB [Federal University of the State of Paraíba] on May 24th, reports Eugenio Cruz from the blog Quase nada sobre quase tudo [Almost nothing about almost everything, pt]. Witnesses say she was called ‘dog-nigger‘ (Negra-Cão) by...

Middle East: “Blood Borders”

  20 May 2010

Martin W. Lewis from GeoCurrent Event blog reviews Ralph Lewis’ “Blood Borders” article on the idea of a complete reshape of Middle East borders in order to fit more appropriately the ethnic and religious affiliations of the region.

Iran: The Iran-Brazil-Turkey Nuclear Deal

  19 May 2010

In Brazil, Maria Frô describes the deal signed by Iran, Brazil and Turkey as the major victory of the Brazilian diplomacy in recent times [pt]; on the other hand, in India, The Acorn blog considers it as an Iranian attempt to acquire more time and diplomatic space.

Spain: 73 years of the Bombing of Gernika

  13 May 2010

Prof. César Arrondo writes [es] on the symbolism surrounding the 73rd anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika in April 26th and the idea of a Basque homeland in Izarro News blog [es].