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Philippines: Bloggers Take on Blast at Legislative Building

  13 November 2007

An explosion of still-undetermined origin destroyed the South Wing of the Philippines’ House of Representatives complex, killing a lawmaker and a driver of another. Two other solons lead the list of injured. Killed were Basilan Rep. Wahab Akbar and Marcial Tualdo, a driver for Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan who was...

Philippines: Issues raised over President's appointment of new poll official

  5 November 2007

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo recently appointed Moslemen Macarambon Sr. as the chairman of the Commission on Elections of Philippines. Several bloggers are questioning the appointment and demanding a more transparent method of choosing the chairman. Some bloggers including the chairman's son are asking the people to give him a chance to justify his appointment.

Philippines: Artists Cry Censorship Over Altered Mural

  3 November 2007

The National Press Club commissioned an artist's collective to paint a mural for the club. The Press Club later altered the contents of the mural without consulting the artists. The artists and their supporters are considering this an act of censorship and taking their anger online.