Milton Ramirez · December, 2008

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Ecuador: The Passing of Ex-President León Febres Cordero

  22 December 2008

Ecuador's former President León Febres Cordero passed away this week and many of the country's bloggers are providing thoughts about his legacy. Some are giving him more credit for his work as Mayor of the booming city of Guayaquil, but others think that his works as President was far from praiseworthy.

Ecuador: Default on External Debt

  15 December 2008

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa recently announced that his country will not repay back its remaining external debt. Citing the economic crisis, Correa calls the debt, “immoral and illegitimate” and he echoes the sentiments of ordinary Ecuadorans who say that they cannot pay anymore. Bloggers wonder whether the report that supported this decision was too partisan and what it might mean for the country's future.