Milton Ramirez · July, 2008

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Ecuador: New Constitution Ready For Vote in Referendum

  28 July 2008

A draft proposal for the new Constitution in Ecuador is ready for approval by a nationwide referendum to be held in September. However, reports of a Constituent Assembly under pressure, a change of assembly president, and questionable legal conditions placed on the text leave some unsure of their vote. In spite of this, local bloggers recommend that everyone read the entire 200-page text before making a decision and that it is important to be a part of the process.

Ecuador: Interest in Literature Continues

  21 July 2008

The ExpoLibro 2008 (Guayaquil Book Fair) recently came to a close, which according to organizers, drew hundreds of thousands of visitors with more than 210 stands. This proves that the reading is not dead, as had been predicted with the arrival of the internet. Interest in literary works is alive in well in Ecuador and during this past week, four authors contributed to the culture and literature of the country.

Ecuador: Government Seizes Companies for Debt Collection

  9 July 2008

The Ecuadoran government seized hundreds of businesses, including three television channels. Much of the media focuses on the fact that that television stations were targeted, however, the government says that it is a preventative decision in order to collect debts. The Treasury Minister resigned because he did not agree with the seizure, and local bloggers provide their thoughts whether the government was justified or whether it hurts the cause of free speech in the country.