Milton Ramirez · March, 2008

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Ecuador: The Aftermath of the Border Crisis

  26 March 2008

On the outside, it appeared as if the governments of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela reached an agreement over the border conflict that took place earlier this month. However, tensions continue to be high and diplomatic relations have not returned to normal, especially after a photograph was published in a Colombian newspaper claiming that the Ecuadorian defense minister met with the fallen FARC leader Raúl Reyes. However, it was revealed the man in the photograph was not the government official as indicated causing more tension, and bloggers from Ecuador write about this mistake.

Ecuador: Natural Forces Threatening the Country

  11 March 2008

The recent diplomatic crisis in Ecuador did not stop other natural forces from producing a crisis of their own in the country. Heavy rainfalls and a threatening volcano have continued to be a focus of local bloggers, who hope that the government and media can be better equipped to handle these ongoing issues. One even poked fun at a governmental campaign that asks Ecuadorans to stay positive in spite of these hardships.

Ecuador: Breaking Diplomatic Ties With Colombia

  4 March 2008

Ecuadorians are divided regarding the incidents along Ecuador's Northern border with Colombia, when the Colombian army attacked a group of FARC guerrillas, killing a top leader, Raul Reyes. As a result President Rafael Correa decided to break off diplomatic relations with Colombia because the attack occurred on Ecuadorian soil. Some bloggers agree with the president, but others are wondering what the FARC was doing in Ecuador and their relationship with the Correa government.