Milton Ramirez · October, 2007

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Ecuador: Microsoft and Other Companies Closed for Tax Evasion

  11 October 2007

The local branch of Microsoft in Ecuador was recently closed due to charges of tax evasion. Other large companies are also being targeted due to a national campaign aimed at collecting taxes for the state. Bloggers in Ecuador think that closing the companies is not good for customers, who will lose out on services because of this penalty.

Ecuador: Alianza Pais Wins the Majority of Seats

  2 October 2007

Nearly 9 million Ecuadoran nationals and others who live abroad voted for delegates for the Constituent Assembly, which will be charged with rewriting the Constitution. Current President Rafael Correa's political party, Alianza Pais, was expected to win a large majority of these positions. Even though the official tally is still being counted, early estimates have given Correa a majority in the 130-member assembly. Ecuadoran bloggers give their thoughts on these preliminary results.