Theodora Rowlands · November, 2011

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Cameroon: Demographic growth and development

  14 November 2011

Eugene C. Shema reports on his conversation with Dr. Fassa Daniel Tolno regarding the connections between the population and development in Cameroon. On, he writes [fr] : “When the investments, the level of urbanization and the efforts on agriculture, human resources and industrialization do not keep up with the [increasing]...

Côte d'Ivoire: Water Shortages in Abidjan Districts

  2 November 2011

Kanigui writes [fr] in his blog Actu et Opinion: “Living in certain districts of Abidjan means accepting that there will be no running water from time to time.  The inhabitants of Koumassi Remblais, Cocody Angré, or even Yopougon Ananeraie go frequently through the agony of reduced water pressure or outright...