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Thanks to a special arrangement, Global Voices authors from around the world now occasionally submit articles to The Economist's Babbage blog about technology. These articles differ from typical Global Voices posts in that they are usually more sharply analytical and do not reference as broad a range of citizen media. Also, according to a longstanding Economist tradition, the author is not named. All stories are reviewed and published by an Economist editor and are republished on Global Voices soon after. See all articles here.

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Paraguayans, their paramours and the MP7

  14 September 2010

I host a radio show in Asunción, Paraguay’s capital. Every Friday afternoon I ask my listeners for real stories, to help them relax in this city’s traffic. And it was during one of these Friday-afternoon call-ins—I had asked about technology that helps cover up unwanted tracks—that I first heard about Chinese dual-SIM mobile phones.

Russia: It's not the Kremlin

  26 August 2010

THIS summer Russians faced several state attempts to "filter" (selectively block) websites. And as in many other things, Russia has gone its own way with a slightly more complicated technique: regional filtering.

South Korea: Samsung, patriots and the iPhone

  3 August 2010

SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, the world's largest technology company, is based in the Republic of Korea. South Koreans glow with pride when they introduce the company’s products to foreigners, and often criticisms to Samsung are understood as an insult to its creator, the South Korean government.

Paraguay: The president's alleged tweets

  13 July 2010

FERNANDO LUGO, the president of Paraguay, denies writing messages to an opposition senator on Twitter. This raises two questions: How easy is it to confirm an identity on a social network, and how plausible is the president’s denial?