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France: New Right-Leaning Website Enters the Fray

  28 February 2011, a new right-leaning website in French modeled on several American web successes (including The Atlantic and Politico) is quickly earning notoriety in France in expectation of what role it may play in upcoming national elections.

USA: From Utah to Egypt, Ideas for the Net

  25 February 2011

In Utah, the blog Etopianews encourages U.S. secretary of state Hilary Clinton consider how to involve citizens more actively in democratic governance using the internet, rather than merely offering support for online social movements in places like Tunisia and Egypt.

USA: Journalists, Lawyers Forced to Handover Data At Airports

  22 February 2011

Several American journalists and lawyers who work abroad regularly, have their laptops, flash drives, notebooks and business cards copied by immigration authorities at airports, according to the ACLU. Amy Goodman shares the story of journalist Brandon Jourdan, who says it's happened to him seven times.

Bahrain: #NickKristof Bullied on Twitter

  19 February 2011

Since arriving in Bahrain, New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof has joined the many voices on Twitter live-reporting turbulent events. While many have been thankful for his updates, and even worried for his safety, others have instead taken to bullying the reporter.

Bahrain: Snapshots from a Day of Protest and Injury

  14 February 2011

Bahrain was rocked by violence today as the latest country to stage protests in the so-called Arab revolution time-table inspired by uprisings in Tunisa and Egypt. Police quashed demonstrations in various cities today, and both videos and photos of the crackdown are dodging internet censors, and making their way around the web.

Bahrain: Police Quash Today's Protests (Videos)

  14 February 2011

A series of 'illegal' protests took place in Bahrain today, February 14, as demonstrators marked a 'Day of Wrath' inspired by popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. Several videos from the protests have been shared on YouTube showing how demonstrations were quashed by force. One death has been confirmed, as well as many injuries.