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Paraguay: One Laptop for Every Child

  17 March 2011

In Camino al Paraguay [es], Juan Carlos Rodríguez posts a video and a slideshow presenting a project led by the Ministry of Education and Culture to give a laptop computer to every child in Paraguayan public schools.

Venezuela's Hip-hop Schools (Video)

  16 March 2011

Caracazo Media shares their short documentary featuring interviews (with English subtitles) and performances of students from an EPATU (Popular School for the Arts and Urban Traditions) hip-hop school in the “overcrowded barrio of La Vega in the hillsides of Caracas, Venezuela.” The film incorporates video filmed by the youth.

Chile: Promoting ‘Recycled Art’

  15 March 2011

Contenidos Locales [es] highlights the blog Arte Reciclado (Recycled Art) by artist Bernardita Novoa [es] from the coastal city Algarrobo. Bernardita uses recycled materials in her artwork and teaches schoolchildren about her environmentally friendly technique.

Mexico: Impact of Documentary ‘Presumed Guilty’

  14 March 2011

Gancho reports that PAN, a major political party in Mexico, “has proposed that all bids for public contracts be videotaped, as a check against corruption.” He ties this proposal to the documentary ‘Presumed Guilty‘: “This may just be posturing, and the impulse behind it may be temporary, but this is...

Paraguay: Citizen Journalism Project by ABC Digital

  10 March 2011

Mabel Rehnfelt, the editor of ABC Digital, writes a guest post in Journalism in the Americas Blog on how newspaper ABC has implemented a citizen journalism platform on their site: “Day by day, user participation is continuing to grow. People submit their stories (with text and images), we provide the...

Paraguay's Digital Divide

  9 March 2011

Juan Edgardo Lezcano [es] writes about the digital divide in Paraguay. Juan reports that there are few educational institutions focusing on information and communication technology (ICT), and that low-income citizens can't access the scarce opportunities to learn these skills.

Mexico: Documentary ‘Presumed Guilty’ Back in Theaters

  9 March 2011

David Sasaki updates a thorough post on the legal actions against the documentary ‘Presumed Guilty‘: “An appellate court has ruled that the movie can again be shown in movie theaters in Mexico. The ruling claims that removing the movie from theaters would damage social interest, and violates the public’s right...

Argentina: The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo

  8 March 2011

Erwin in The Latin Americanist features Argentina's Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo on International Woman's Day: “The ‘Abuelas’ were founded in 1977 with the aim of finding babies stolen during the ‘Dirty War’ period. In the 34 years since their creation, the group has reportedly identified over 100 children whose...

Is Mexico Ready for a Female President?

  8 March 2011

Pepe Flores [es] asks if Mexico is ready to have a female president. He argues that Mexico as a society would accept a woman in the presidency, but he wonders if political parties are willing to endorse a woman as their candidate.

El Salvador: Transparency Law is Approved

  7 March 2011

Voices from El Salvador Weblog reports on the approval of the Transparency and Public Access to Information Law: “The law now requires government institutions, and private entities funded by the state, to make information available to the public by establishing an accessible database of information, in addition to supplying inquirers...

Panama: Thoughts on Improving Education

  7 March 2011

Panamanian students returned to school on March 1st. Hanna at Contrapunto [es] writes about education in Panama and how to improve it. She argues that Panamanian educators need to realize the need to change and improve; furthermore, she says Panama needs to find a way to encourage more young people...

Latin America, Caribbean: Increase in Food Prices

  4 March 2011

Bloggings by Boz writes: “The FAO reports that February 2011 was a yet a new high on food prices. This has led to several warnings from organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean including ECLAC [Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean] and the IICA [Inter-American Institute for Cooperation...

Panama: Law Modifying Mining Code to be Repealed

  4 March 2011

On March 3, President Ricardo Martinelli promised to repeal a law that modified Panama's mining code. The news were received with joy among Panamanians who saw the reforms as an attack on the environment. Reactions immediately appeared on social networks.

Costa Rica: Interview With Director of La Nación on Wikileaks

  3 March 2011

Blogger Cristian Cambronero from Fusil de Chispas [es] got an exclusive interview with the director of newspaper La Nación [es], Yanancy Noguera. The newspaper is starting to publish 827 cables released by Wikileaks related to Costa Rica. Cristian asks how the paper got involved with Wikileaks to obtain and release...