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Venezuela: Actress Carolina Riveros Wins Award in France

  14 July 2010

Blogacine, a Venezuelan blog about film, reports [es] that Carolina Riveros, a young Venezuelan actress, has just won one of the awards for best actress at the Second Festival Internacional de Cinema Latin du Pays de Caux [fr], in Saint-Valery-en-Caux, France. She was recognized for her work in the Venezuelan...

Costa Rica: The Power of Blogs

  13 July 2010

H3dicho from writes [es] about the power of blogs, ending with an analysis of blogging in Costa Rica: “In Costa Rica blogs have become so important that traditional media and the politicians that govern us are constantly monitoring what we write.”

Uruguay: La Celeste is Received by Multitude in Montevideo

  13 July 2010

On Tuesday July 13, the Uruguayan football team traveled on a bus around Montevideo as fans took over the streets to congratulate and wave to the soccer stars which ended 4th in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Agarrate Montevideo [es] posts a couple of pictures of the event, and links...

Mexico: Technology Changing the Spanish Language

  13 July 2010

Jesus analyzes [es] how Internet users have modified the Spanish language to fit new technologies; for example, referring to a person that uses Twitter as a “twittero,” or Spanish-speaking users writing “lol” when they chat.

Venezuela: How to Improve Venezuelan Literature

  10 July 2010

Julio from Panfleto Negro [es] presents 21 ideas to improve Venezuelan literature. Some of these “ideas” are written with quite a bit of irony; Julio exploits clichés about writers and readers to come up with a list that reads like advice for literature lovers who want the art to live...

Chile: Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist Ana Tijoux

  10 July 2010

Roberto Carreño dedicates [es] a post to Chilean rapper and hip-hop artist Ana Tijoux, calling her “the Chilean artist of the year.” She recently finished touring the United States where she performed 12 concerts.

Peru: Emergency in Huancavelica Caused by Mine Tailings

  9 July 2010

The Opamayo River in the Huancavelica region was contaminated with mine tailings when a deposit suddenly yielded and its contents spilled on the waters of the river, which is already quite contaminated because of the mining activity in the area. This caused protests from the residents of the affected communities. Some bloggers also gave their opinions on the incident.

Chile: Government's Critical Response to Comedian's Parody Sparks Debate

  9 July 2010

Chilean comedian Stefan Kramer is known for his accurate and humorous impersonations of famous public figures, including President Sebastián Piñera; Kramer's parody of the president on a TV show last Sunday was later repudiated by the administration and other politicians who considered the performance disrespectful. Former president Michelle Bachelet was also present during the show. Chileans have looked at different sides of the story, sharing their analysis and opinions through blogs and Twitter.

Argentina: Journalists Ignore Events in President's Province

  7 July 2010

El Artilero accuses [es] Argentinean journalists of ignoring the events that occur in the province of Santa Cruz, where former president Néstor Kirchner (and husband of current president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) is originally from. The blogger lists 20 stories from Santa Cruz the press has ignored.

Mexico: Fighting Violence with Art?

  7 July 2010

Enrique Torre Molina from Vivir México [es] wonders if Mexico could imitate the initiatives from Medellin, Colombia to fight violence by promoting the arts. As an example, he talks about a program where delinquent youth are encouraged to engage in the arts to keep them busy and away from crime.

Peru: Government Expels Paul McAuley, Religious Environmental Activist

  7 July 2010

Paul McAuley, a British resident in the religious city of Iquitos and president of the "Red Ambiental de Loreto" (Loreto Environmental Network), received a resolution from the Ministry of Interior where he is informed of the cancellation of his residence in Peru. This means that in seven days he would have to leave the country. Bloggers responded by wondering about the reasons for the expulsion and whether this is the government intimidating those who defend the environment.

Paraguay: Tobacco Smoke-Free Day

  6 July 2010

Interparaguay [es] writes that, for the first time, Paraguay is celebrating the “Día Nacional Libre de Humo de Tabaco” (Tobacco Smoke-Free National Day) on July 6, marking the day when the National Parliament ratified an International Treaty to control tobacco.

Uruguay: World Cup in the 21st Century

  5 July 2010

Gabriel Budiño [es] analyzes how new technologies like Twitter and Facebook have affected the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He cites the use of Twitter by Uruguayan football player Diego Forlán and the quick creation of a Facebook group [es] about the handball by player Luis Suarez against Ghana.

Colombia: 200 Years of Independence

  5 July 2010

The blog Realidades Colombianas [es] writes about the bicentennial of the independence of Colombia, thanking those who sacrificed their lives for the “new generations, meaning us.”

Peru: Visiting Puerto Pizarro

  5 July 2010

Juan Arellano from Globalizado visited Puerto Pizarro and posted some photos. He also visited a Cocodrilos de Tumbe [es] breeding place, a crocodile in danger of extinction.

Chile: Bielsa and Piñera, When Football Meets Politics

  2 July 2010

Marcelo Bielsa has become much more than a football coach in Chile; he is often admired for his statements, and the media frequently deem his opinions headline worthy. But recently, his actions are speaking louder than his words as his treatment of President Sebastian Piñera has created controversy and mixed opinions. On July 1, "Bielsa" became a trending topic on Twitter where Chileans expressed their feelings about the most recent encounter between the president and the coach.

Colombia: Blogs About Colombian Literature

  1 July 2010

Colombian literature is known around the world because of authors like Gabriel García Márquez and his book "One Hundred Years of Solitude". However, he has become almost the only Colombian author that is referenced when speaking on this subject; but on the web one can find blogs dedicated to discussing other authors and Colombian literature in general.