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Venezuela: New Wave of Online Threats

  26 March 2013

Several Venezuelan cartoonists, journalists, writers and artists have been the target of a series of threats through Twitter, telephone and text messages, according to news portal Noticias 24. They began after a number of anonymous users spread the victims’ personal contact information, said the Press and Society Institute in Venezuela...

Colombia's Indigenous Set Development Goals

  21 March 2013

1) the protection of indigenous territory; 2) indigenous self-government; 3) the self-development of indigenous communities on the basis of equilibrium and harmony; 4) free, prior and informed consent as a condition for developments on indigenous land; and 5) the ‘institutional redesign’ of the state in its relations with indigenous peoples....

Photos: Day One in Trial of Former Guatemalan Dictator

  20 March 2013

Documentary photographer James Rodriguez shares a photo essay with “images from the first day of the historic trial against former de facto dictator Efraín Ríos Montt and former Intelligence Director José Mauricio Rodriguez Sanchez. Ríos Montt and Rodriguez Sanchez are charged with Genocide and crimes against humanity during the civil war...

Former Guatemalan Dictator On Trial

  19 March 2013

Rios Montt's lawyer and others believe that the trial is a “political lynching” […] It doesn't matter if the guerrilas were going to turn “Guatemala into another Cuba;” the rape, torture, starvation and murder of civilians who might or might not have supported the guerrillas is just indefensible. But Rios Montt now...

Peru: Exit Polls Say Villarán Remains Lima's Mayor

  18 March 2013

Even though the first official results of Sunday's recall referendum have not been published, exit poll results [es] indicate that mayor Susana Villarán will not be revoked. According to Ipsos Apoyo the ‘No’ received 52.6% of the votes and the ‘Yes’ 47.4%. Datum reports that the ‘No’ got 53.2% of...

Caracas Chronicles: From Blog to Book

  15 March 2013

Blogging the Revolution: Caracas Chronicles and the Hugo Chávez Era brings together the best of our work from the last ten years: 150 posts that stand the test of time. Francisco Toro and Juan Cristobal Nagel of the blog Caracas Chronicles have published a book that promises to bring together...

Allegations Tie Pope Francis to Argentina's ‘Dirty War’ Past

  14 March 2013

Was Jorge Bergoglio -now Pope Francis- involved in Argentina's deadly military dictatorship? Many around the world are asking this question as netizens continue to share information on Bergoglio alleged role in the country's 'Dirty War'. Others have pointed out that Bergoglio has repeatedly denied these accusations, and some have come to his defense.

Challenges in Learning a Foreign Language

  12 March 2013

Eileen from the blog Bearshapedsphere writes about language learning and how native speakers can sometimes be insulting or “diminish the value of good performance by minimizing the effort that’s put into [learning their language].” I’ve been [in Chile] for almost nine years. And yes, I speak [Spanish] well (though I...

Mexico: A Contradictory Kiosk

  7 March 2013

Although you might think that all kiosks offer things that can be purchased, in the blog Hazme el chingado favor [es], La Banda writes about a peculiar kiosk [es] in Mexico City, where the owner: makes it very clear that although magazines are for sale they are really not, so...

Venezuela: Open-Air Museum Few Dare to Visit

  7 March 2013

Alberto explains that most Caracas residents don't know about this “open-air museum” because they are afraid to visit the area. The pictures in the post were taken behind a jeep's windshield. Read more about Alberto's blog here.

Venezuelan VP: Hugo Chávez Dead

  5 March 2013

Murió Hugo Chávez (Hugo Chávez has died) is a worldwide trending topic on Twitter after Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás Maduro announced the passing of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. In Venezuela, QEPD Chavez (RIP Chávez) is a local trending topic. You can read more reactions via the hashtag #MurioChavez (Chávez has...

Colombia's President: Nobel Peace Prize?

  5 March 2013

During the afternoon of March 4, 2013, Colombians found out [es] that their current president, Juan Manuel Santos, is one of the 259 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. Various netizens showed their disagreement using the hashtag #SantosNobeldelainfamia [es, Santos Nobel of Infamy].