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Japan: The Tsunami, God and Man

  31 March 2011

A few days after the disaster that killed more than ten thousand people, Italian vice-president of the National Research Council (CNR) Roberto De Mattei and Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara left the Italian and the Japanese blogosphere astounded when they declared that the catastrophe occurred as a manifestation of God’s will. Both in Japan and in Italy bloggers reacted and demanded their resignation.

Japan: Relief Tweets for Refugee Parents

  27 March 2011

As the situation at the nuclear plant Fukushima Daiichi remains unstable and the government warns about the high levels of radioactive iodine and cesium in vegetables and tap water, infants' parents seek reassurance and advice from experts and fellow parents on the internet.

Japan: Fundraising through art

  24 March 2011

A group of international artists realized paintings and drawings dedicated to the victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The works are part of an open project called Tsunami, Des Images pour le Japon. You can send your original illustrations here [fr].

Japan: How dangerous is low-level radiation?

  20 March 2011

Jake Adelstein reprinted parts of the scientific article entitled “The Uranium Widows: Why Would A Community Want To Return To Milling A Radioactive Element?” by Peter Hessler, hoping to give some perspective on the radiation fear spreading in Japan.

Japan: Help Japan posters

  19 March 2011

A post at shows “Help Japan posters created by different individuals and organizations with a recurring broken red dot”.

Japan: Anime Explains Current Nuclear Crisis

  17 March 2011

The ongoing disaster unfolding at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power station in the wake of last Friday's earthquake and tsunami has received an anime explanation, courtesy of this video by media artist Kazuko Hachiya (八谷和彦).

Japan: The earthquake, as I experienced it

  12 March 2011

Miu tells her experience [en] during the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck north-eastern Japan yesterday. The blogger says she was in a department store in Tokyo and thought that “things didn't seem terribly abnormal”.

Japan: Plum blossoms

  9 March 2011

Photographer and blogger Buddihka Weerasinghe just published a set of pictures titled Ume (plum) blossoms. The photographs were taken in Katsuyama and capture the beginning of spring in Japan.

Japan: Sport Newspaper Day

  6 March 2011

March 6 is Sport Newspaper Day in Japan and it celebrates the day when the first paper specialized in sport news was published in 1946. According to Saisun, the first Japanese sport newspaper ever published was Nikkan Sports, four pages with an illustration of a baseball hurler on the first...

Japan: Controversial documentary The Cove released free online

  1 March 2011

Joi Ito announced on his blog that the award-winning documentary The Cove has been dubbed in Japanese and released for free online. In the post, Ito-san wrote: “Why the online release of the film in Japan is so important is that the Japanese people should watch the movie and make...