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Japan: A year of blogs

  28 December 2010

As the character 暑 (sho) meaning ‘hot or heat' was chosen to represent the year 2010 at the annual ceremony in Kyoto, let's see a selection of “hot topics” that Global Voices covered this year.

Japan: Woman sued Google Street View for pics of underwear

  19 December 2010

Again troubles for Google Street Views [en] in Japan. Reports said [en] that a young woman sued Google for showing pictures of her underwear drying on the balcony and claimed about 7,000 USD for damages. A blogger at Gundam Nikki commented saying that such an action is exaggerated and due...

Japan: Fruity Samurai

  14 December 2010

The animated series Fruity Samurai [ja] (フルーティー侍), which received a special award for the section ‘World Wide Laugh’ at the last Okinawa International Movie Festival [ja], makes fun of the traditional swashbuckling movies. The first three episodes can be viewed at Fruity Samurai Official Channel [mute] on Youtube.

Japan: Blogging from the PM's residence

  14 December 2010

With the aim to connect citizens to politics and show how's life at the prime minister's official residence, in November the residence staff launched a blog called Kan-Full Blog [ja] (Naoto Kan being the name of Japan's PM). The blog obviously has posts on the content of PM's press conferences...

Japan: The Fear of the Internet

  12 December 2010

Last year W. David MARX at Neojaponisme wrote a thoughtful post on “Japanese internet aversion” [en], in which he proposed an interpretation of the Japanese attitude toward the Net that is still valid today. According to the blogger, the fear of the internet manifests itself as “user trepidation” and “corporate...

Japan: Cartoon Blog

  6 December 2010

The Tokyo Reporter just launched a new section called Cartoon Blog [en], in collaboration with cartoonist Roberto De Vido (also author of Politicomix [en]).

Japan: Confusion and speculations on the North Korean incident

  5 December 2010

The latest attack by North Korea on South Korea has put Japan on the alert. Is it the beginning of a war? Will it be Japan's turn next time? Or is it just a ‘beat-up' created by both conservative and alarmist media alike? People in Japan are alarmed but don't know what to think.

Japan: Watching Wikileaks

  5 December 2010

Wikileaks Watch Japan sums up and translates in Japanese Wikileaks’ major findings. The blog was started this month and is updated daily by user fryingpan.

Japan: A Visionary Call for a “Japanese-style Immigration Nation”

  3 December 2010

Tofuunion at Japundit reports on the latest figures released by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry of Japan according to which “Japan’s population has shrunken since 2008 and continues to decrease at an accelerating rate”. According to the post, the government has been implementing a new immigration plan to cope...