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Japan: A brief review of the eco-technologies

  25 May 2009

In mid May the Japanese Government has launched a stimulus package to boost the demand for energy efficient household appliances with a new eco-points system, details of which will be made clear in the next month after the Diet's approval of the supplementary budget for this fiscal year. The aim...

Japan: Children's Day

  23 May 2009

At Hi, I am Ruther, a travel blog about Japan, two posts (Koinobori and Kabuto and Kashiwamochi) describe [en] some customs and festivals related to the Children`s Day (子供の日, kodomo no hi), celebrated on May 5th.

Japan: Marriage Hunting!

  13 May 2009

Since autumn of last year, in Japan, a new term has been floating in the air. It is konkatsu 婚活 (an abbreviation of kekkon katsudô 結婚活動), based on the popular phrase shûkatsu (就活 job hunting), it may be roughly translated as ‘marriage hunting’. Konkatsu is not merely a new word,...

Japan: Motion graphics videos

  10 May 2009

GilCrows suggests that motion graphics is drawing attention on the Japanese video sharing website Niko Niko Douga [ja]. In the post, also a ranking of the best videos uploaded to NND. (The movie Ukiyo Hakkei (浮世捌景)is also available on youtube)

Japan: Japanese electro-pop and clubs

  8 May 2009

If you are interested in “Tokyo & Japan's clubs, electro-pop, and Shibuya-kei-related scenes”, check out (in English): a “Japanese music, movie release and event announcement blog”.

Japan: Doctor shortage, the medical system in crisis

  6 May 2009

Together with the economic crisis the shortage of doctors (医師不足, ishi busoku in Japanese) is becoming more and more urgent in Japan. As a Fire and Disaster Management Agency survey pointed out in 2007, the causes are the uneven distribution of the doctors mainly settled in urban areas and the...

Japan: Tsukiji Fish Market

  2 May 2009

Check out Davewalsh's precious photos of the tuna auctions and of the whale meat shop, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (or Tsukiji Fish Market).

Japan: Fooling Gun Radio

  1 May 2009

A new internet radio is born: Fooling Gun Radio [ja]. A project started in mid-April by the Japanese grad students Foo-san and Gun-san, with the help of other two colleagues, Bluman and Hihhi, Fooling Gun Radio aims to present some everyday life topics under a new and fresh perspective. Twice...