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Podcast ban and regulation of blogs in Singapore

  10 April 2006

Back in August, 2005 when Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), first talked of his political platform in a podcast, the Atypical Singaporean commented in his blog: There is possibly zero chance for Opposition Parties to be heard on local radio and TV, and Podcasting...

Choosing a credit card

  8 April 2006

Ryan Wong discovered and recommends an e-commerce site where one can compare the various credit cards available in Singapore. Ryan's blog entry comes with a warning that financial discipline is a must for credit card holders.

Conversation between prisoners

  7 April 2006

James Wong Wing On of Freedom in Solidarity has an excerpt from the memoirs of Sybil Kartigasu, a member of the resistance movement during the WW II Japanese occupation. The excerpt is a prison conversation between Kartigasu and another resistance fighter, Toh Lung San, who was tortured and later beheaded...

Opposition to Indonesian Playboy magazine

  7 April 2006

Yosef Ardi of Indonesia Today calls the first issue of the Indonesian edition of Playboy magazine a “smashing success” despite insistence by some quarters that it is pornographic because it is Playboy. Indonesia Matters agrees that the opposition from “predictable quarters” is not necessarily because of the magazine's content (no...

Blogging success

  7 April 2006

When asked what makes Yugatech click–high traffic, high comment rate, and good ranks from Google and Technorati, blog owner Yuga says he doesn't even use “tools” like wordtracker, database of keyword lists, ebay directories, adsense accelerator and the like. He says it's all about writing what genuinely interests you, “the...


  6 April 2006

A pedicab is a bicycle with a sidecar. It is a popular public transport in many Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines and Indonesia. Sarapan Ekonomi has a photo.

House of worship law

  6 April 2006

Per the latest revisions in the law, for purposes of establishing a house of worship, religious congregations are now required to have a minimum of 90 members. They must also secure the prior approval of the government and the residents of the area where the house of worship is to...

Malacañang's response to the NY Times editorial

  6 April 2006

Piercing Pens links to a New York Times editorial that talks of President Gloria Arroyo's “increasingly authoritarian tendencies”. PCIJ reproduces the statement delivered by Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye who says the editorial shows that “the opposition’s irresponsible political efforts are impacting international perceptions”.


  6 April 2006

Over at The Man-Blog, Emerson Bañez has the rundown on different kinds of beer–their colors, flavors, aroma and alcohol content.

Singabloodypore confirms, challenges Chemical Generation Singapore

  6 April 2006

Soci of Singabloodypore confirms Chemical Generation Singapore‘s speculations that one of Singabloodypore's bloggers is, in fact, the President of the Young Democrats in the Singapore Democratic Party. However, Soci challenges Chemical Generation's allegation that Singabloodypore is just another SDP tool for political propaganda by presenting the public profiles of all...

High cost of health

  5 April 2006

Dr. Emer, a practising physician, observes that in the Philippines, the high price of medicine can be fatal to your health. In Cambodia, “medical corruption punishes the poorest of the poor” by depriving them access to basic health care.

Man-made eggs

  5 April 2006

At Talkin’ Tech, BernieJ has photos of unique eggs from China. They almost look like chicken eggs but they are a hundred per cent man-made.

Podcast ban is politcally motivated

  5 April 2006

Relative to the prohibition against using podcasts for political campaigns, Singapore Election Watch reproduces a statement from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Secretary-General that says this is not the first time that the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) has arbitrarily thwarted its efforts– the PAP banned videos in 1996 when...

Kids in the kitchen

  5 April 2006

Children’s kitchen, cooking by children!, the 8th edition of Lasang Pinoy, a monthly project of Filipino food bloggers from all over the world, culminates with the round-up of participating blogs by Beijing-based Iska Montero. It is the first time that some of the participants posted videos in lieu of text...

Indonesian links

  5 April 2006

Indonesian tech blogs Daily babblings! and Enda Quicklinks have links to an article on online identity and anonymity, a blog on parenting and fashion and a blog where you can calculate how much you've spent on cigarettes from the day you started smoking.

CSI help criminals escape?

  5 April 2006

The Sensintrovert has screenshots of media reports that say the Police Deputy Inspector-General surmises that the success in Malaysia of the TV series CSI might be making criminals smarter by teaching them how to remove traces of their crimes.

Kissing and hugging in public indecent?

  5 April 2006

A couple kissing and hugging in a public park were arrested and charged with indecent behavior but The Saidicious Blog says although the Constitution does not explicitly allow public kissing and hugging, neither does it prohibit them.

Water, pipe and bridge

  4 April 2006

Ktemoc says the destruction of the causeway that carries the pipeline with which Malaysia supplies 50% of Singapore's water needs is not a coincidence to Malaysia's proposal to build a bridge where the causeway is. He says it is related to the unrealistic price that Singapore pays for the water...

First generation of Filipino kids on the net

  4 April 2006

Noemi, whose daughter Lauren is the first Filipino blogger, reminisces about a 1997 meeting of some of the earliest Filipino kids on the internet–a time when parents were concerned about the (possible) negative impact of the internet on children's intellectual growth and social skills. Today, she views the internet as...