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I am a freelance journalist/writer from Islamabad, Pakistan. I write news stories, articles on health, education, environment, human rights issues for national and international news media, including Pakistan Observer, Tribune International. I also manage a news and information website Islamabad Scene. Connect with me @Sana_Jamal

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Pakistan: Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Case – A Veiled Mystery

  2 October 2010

A recent verdict by a Federal Court in Manhattan, sentencing Pakistani neuro-scientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui an imprisonment of 86 years, has sparked reactions all over the world. Dr. Siddiqui was detained with her three children in an Afghanistan prison without trial for many years and was finally charged with attempted murder of US officers while in detention.

Pakistan Flood: Relief Efforts By PKKH Team

  29 August 2010

The team of bloggers of Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz (PKKH), Pakistan's leading alternative policy institute, has launched a massive relief effort for the flood victims called ‘Mere Log’ (meaning My People). On Thursday they have reached Thatta and Makli city with food, clean drinking water and medical supplies.

Pakistan: Horrid Act of Mob Shock The Citizens

  23 August 2010

Pakistanis are in shock as the news and video of the brutal mob-lynching of two teenage brothers in front of police and an enthusiastic crowd in Sialkot were aired on local media. Netizens question why this savage act was allowed to happen without any opposition.