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DRC:Virunga Gorilla Population Has Grown

  27 January 2009

On Tuesday, 27 January 2009, D.R of Congo's Virunga National Park authorities issued a press release declaring that the population of habituated – or human tolerant – mountain gorillas in the Park had increased by 12.5% in the last 18 months (from August 2007 to January 2009) despite the fierce...

Uganda: Mountain Gorilla Population May Have Declined

  23 January 2009

We have always known that there are around 700 Mountain Gorillas still alive in the wild today – 336 of which are in Uganda - but a new study published in the journal New Scientist indicates that that might be a little optimistic. The 336 individuals said to be resident...

Conservation Through People

  22 January 2009

The core of conservation is the people who live adjacent to or inside conservation areas. It has therefore always been the goal of forward thinking conservationists to involve the local communities that surround the conservation areas that are under their charge. In Lubumbashi, DR of Congo, a chimpanzee rescue center,...

The Killing Continues in DR Congo's Wildlife Parks

  14 January 2009

Reportedly, the fighting in North Kivu province of DR Congo has quieted down a little. Sporadic fighting however continues to claim lives. On WildlifeDirect blogs, there are reports of two incidents inside DR Congo's wildlife Parks in which people have been killed. Paula Kahumbu gives an analysis of various (mainstream)...

Wildlife Tragedies and Happenings at WildlifeDirect Blogs

  11 January 2009

Attempts to flush out Uganda's Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group's leader, Joseph Kony, have not been very successful. Instead, the civilian casualties continue to pile up. One devastating tragedy for wildlife conservation, as reported on the conservation blog Baraza, was the attack on Garamba National Park rangers by the...