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The Innocents of the Panama Papers

The Bridge  14 April 2016

"The desire for transparency around the issue of tax evasion is understandable. But the question arises as to whether innocent people are being hurt as a result of this process."

Costa Ricans Go to the Polls to Elect a New President

  2 February 2014

Glenda Umaña, a Costa Rican journalist who is covering today's presidential elections, comments on Facebook [es] and Twitter: Ya me encontré en padrón electoral. Se me salen las lágrimas de la emoción de votar! #CNNTICO @cnnee @ — Glenda Umaña (@glendacnn) February 2, 2014 I found my name on...

Private Plane Trip Rocks Costa Rican Government

  22 May 2013

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla has been questioned for using a private airplane owned by a company linked to a businessman who is allegedly involved with drug trafficking in Colombia. Some of the President's closest officials have had to present their resignations as a result of the incident.

Costa Ricans Debate In Vitro Fertilization

  21 September 2012

After several years of social and political debate on the issue of in vitro fertilization, and after the Legislature did not reach a consensus on the matter, Costa Rica was sued in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for prohibiting its citizens from obtaining this type of fertilization to have children. The country is awaiting the court's final verdict.

Costa Rica: Border Conflict with Nicaragua

  6 November 2010

What began as a simple cleaning or dredging of the San Juan River, the natural border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, has resulted in a diplomatic and military conflict. After this post was written in Spanish, various sources have reported on how Google has been embroiled in the border dispute.

Costa Rica: Calderón Corruption Trial May Derail Presidential Aspirations

  6 March 2009

Former Costa Rican president Rafael Ángel Calderón Fournier is currently on trial on corruption charges involving the purchase of medical equipment for a state health entity. He previously served prison time for charges in relation to the alleged bribes and kickbacks. It appears that the trial may derail his hopes to run as a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections.

Costa Rica: Free Trade Agreement Ready For Implementation

  18 November 2008

After a lengthy process, which included a nationwide referendum where Costa Ricans approved a free-trade agreement with the United States, the laws will go into effect on January 1, 2009. However, it took consensus building within the National Assembly in order to pass the necessary laws, while some sectors of society had been calling for a process of renegotiation.

Costa Rica: President Arias Asks Dalai Lama to Postpone Visit

  29 August 2008

Costa Rican president Oscar Arias asked Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama to postpone a private visit to the country, citing that Arias won't be in the country to receive him. However, many bloggers believe that the request coincided with a planned official visit from Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Costa Rica: Andrea Morales Leaves Her Political Party

  19 June 2008

Andrea Morales, a deputy from the Citizens Action Party (PAC) in Costa Rica, caused controversy when she resigned from her political party, in which she has belonged to during the past several years. She had broken with party lines when she refused to be in opposition to the Free Trade Agreement, which had passed in a nationwide referendum. Costa Rican bloggers come out in support for her decision.

Costa Rica: Political Games

  15 February 2008

It is politics as usual in Costa Rica, where the government and opposition parties are jockeying for position. Some local bloggers are wondering about the tactics being used by the opposition party, PAC, and how it might affect their chances in the next election. Others are beginning to regret their vote for the PAC, especially after their unfulfilled promises of bringing about changes in the political landscape.

Costa Rica: The Arrival of China

  23 November 2007

Costa Rica recently established formal political and economic relations with global power China, which led to the dropping of ties with Taiwan. As a result, investment and trade between the two nations have begun and has been impulsed after the passed Free Trade Agreement with US. National and international bloggers report on the progress.

Costa Rica: Free-Trade Agreement Passes

  25 October 2007

Costa Ricans participated in a nationwide referendum regarding the fate of the Free-Trade Agreement with the United States. The result was a vote for the "Yes". Even though the vote passed, there is still a lot to be completed by Congress and a little uncertainty of what the results mean.

Costa Rica: Breaking Relations with Taiwan and Starting with China

  19 June 2007

After 60 years of diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the Costa Rican government broke this relationship to begin a new one with China. Some bloggers see this as a positive commercial step for the country, while others think that Costa Rica prides itself on being a defender of human rights and freedom of speech and that this should not be compromised in exchange for access to markets.

CAFTA: Point of Disagreement in Costa Rica

  9 April 2007

Editor's Note: Juliana Rincón Parra has already shown us the extensive opposition to Costa Rica's ratification of the Central American Free Trade Agreement. However, San Jose-based Roy Rojas was adamant that we also show the support for CAFTA in Costa Rica and its blogosphere. The following post has been translated...

Costa Rica: Political Discontent

  11 November 2005

La versión original de este artículo está disponible en español. Translated by David Sasaki. All pages linked in this article are in Spanish. Everyone is talking about the same thing. Or, at least it seems. Among the Costa Rican blogs this last week, one theme has predominated: the discontent towards...

Best Blog of Costa Rica

  7 November 2005

Este artículo también está disponible en español The Bloggos group has chosen five of the best Costa Rican weblogs and the voting has already begun. The five finalists are: Caos entre ángeles y demonios fusildechispas korova-milk-bar Medea Material Best of luck to all the finalists. You can vote here.

Costa Rica and its Future with Today's Politicians

  25 October 2005

Este artículo también está disponible en español Translation by David Sasaki In the last few years, politics in Costa Rica have changed radically compared to what was known 10 years ago. What used to be the race to become President in the past decade is now much different. The traditional...