Roba Al Assi

After a childhood in thriving metropolitan Saudi Arabia, I moved to my native Jordan in 2003 to pursue a degree in Fine Arts and Design.

I have a long-term fascination with how art and culture shape and sometimes even control public perceptions and mentalities. Art has a critical role in producing culture, both in the past and today, and I spend countless hours trying to increase art appreciation in a culture that devalues the fine arts. I also love observing trends related to globalization in the local culture.

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From the Jordanian Blogosphere

A lot has happened in the past week or so that has gotten a lot of reactions from the Jordanian blogosphere- Al-Qaeda prisoners riot in Jordanian jails and other Al-Qaeda members attempt an attack on our soil. Khalaf thinks the jail riots were handled well, saying, “So, I would say...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  25 February 2006

The Jordanian bloggers are angry over the attack on Islamic, particularly Shi'aa, monument the Askariya Shrine, some of them are comparing the unneeded reactions from Muslims towards the Danish cartoon fiasco to the current apartheid at the ruination of a 1200 year old mosque. Mazen Arafat says, “Where is the...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  19 February 2006

“No Comment” caricature by Wael Attili The Jordanian blogosphere is discussing more traditional aspects relating to our culture and language this week. Khalidah writes about Jordanian traditions when it comes to marriage, this time discussing why she doesn't think the traditional method of arranged marriage works, “heck the chat rooms...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  11 February 2006

The Jordanian blogosphere has a lot to say on the Jordanian constitution this week. Naseem Tarawneh writes about the 200 temporary laws and the Jordanian Constitution created between 1999 and 2005. Lina Ejeilat meanwhile is angry at the situation regarding the arrest of Chief Editors of the two weekly tabloids,...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  14 January 2006

Jordan: Exempting US citizens from extradition and trial One of the issues in the Jordanian blogosphere is the Jordanian parliament's decision to ratify a bilateral agreement between Jordan and the US which exempts US citizens from extradition and trial under the auspices of the International Criminal Court. Khalaf of “What's...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

“Jordanian Director, Amin Matalqa displays his martial art skills on the top of a building in downtown Amman, Jordan” by Laith Majali A new year is here, so first off, happy holidays from the Jordanian blogosphere. Interested in an opinion on where the Arab blogosphere is heading? Head over to...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  17 December 2005

Some interesting and controversial social topics are being discussed in the Jordanian blogosphere this week. Freedom of Speech Freedom of speech is not a given commodity in the Arab world, but are there winds of change? Naseem Tarawneh reports about the plans to start a “Freedom Square” in Amman to...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  3 December 2005

“Jordan Planet's first North American Meet-up” by Jameed “November Jordanian Blogger Meet-up” by Roba Al-Assi As an interesting forty percent of Jordanian bloggers don't reside in Jordan, meet-ups are occurring often all around the world. Jameed reports from the first North American Jordan Planet Conference, “held in Las Vegas, Nevada...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  26 November 2005

Jordan: A New Government in the Making The newly appointed Prime Minster has been announced, being Marouf Bakhit. Naseem Tarawneh thinks that this might help the path to reform. Khalaf says about the newly appointed PM, “Being self made, one would hope that he would respect merit over pedigree.” At...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  19 November 2005

“Candle Light Vigil in Amman” by Isam Bayazidi Amongst anger, grief, the detaining of the female accomplice, demonstrations all around the world, new claims released by Al-Qaeda, the week after the bombings has been very busy for the Jordanian bloggers. Contemplation Many are contemplating the event and trying to analyze...

Jordanian Bloggers React to Amman Bombings

  10 November 2005

Child carrying sign that says “No to Terrorism, down with terrorism and Zarqawi” by Lina Ejeilat from the Amman Demonstrations Flickr Set. The Jordanian community is in a state of rage at the bombings that took place in the much beloved capital Amman on Wednesday night. Demonstration in Amman have...

Explosions Rock Jordanian Capital, Amman

  9 November 2005

Three explosions hit Jordanian capital Amman Wednesday night; one in Radisson SAS, the second in Hyatt Amman, and the third in Days Inn. For more on the explosions occuring in Amman: Aggregated news feeds from Jordanian blogosphere community, Jordan Planet; AP ; Flickr; MSM RSS; Technorati posts tagged with “Amman...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  5 November 2005

Jordanian Bedouin posing in one of Jordan's vast deserts by Laith Majali With the occasion of Eid, a holiday celebrated bi-annually by over a billion Muslims, the Jordanian Blogosphere wishes everyone a happy and blessed Eid. Don't miss out pictures of Ma'mool, the holiday dessert, and a  special Eid podcast by...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  29 October 2005

Photography taken in the National Music Conservatory in Amman, Jordan. “Girl Playing the Flute” by Sabri Hakim This week marked two celebrations- Jordan's Al-Faisali brought home the first-ever Asian trophy in the history of Jordanian football, and Jordan's first English daily, The Jordan Times, turned 30. Meanwhile, Ahmad Humeid has...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  22 October 2005

“The Candy Man” by Roba Assi With Saddam Hussein's trial and the finding of the Melhis report, political sentiments are  running high in the Jordanian blogosphere. In regards to the uncovering of the Melhis report, Deeb Dweik thinks that there hasn't been enough evidence exposed to implicate the Syrian government, while...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  15 October 2005

The Jordanian blogsphere sends its condolences and is praying for the victims and the families of victims of the devastating earthquake that occurred in Pakistan. Jordanian blogging portal Jordan Planet is now also covering the blogs of expatriates living in Jordan, one of who is Dr. Marcy Newman, who in...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  9 October 2005

This week marks the first week of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a month that evoked varied feelings among the Jordanian blogosphere, a good sign that it is indeed a melting pot of mentalities. Hala of CafeLulu says that Ramadan to her is a month where people “come closer...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  2 October 2005

The hottest topic this week on the Jordanian blogosphere is regarding the lack of political blogs on portal Jordan Planet. Firas of IHeartAmman claims that “You know something is wrong when bloggers are neglecting local political issues“. Natasha Tynes reciprocates saying “I believe the main reason is the fact that...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  17 September 2005

On International Affairs: With the Israeli withdrawal, there is a lot to say in the Jordanian blogosphere about Palestine, both in relation to the withdrawal and otherwise. Biesan describes the withdrawal as “a historic day for the Palestinian people and for Gaza in particular”. Meanwile, Sugar Cubes reports that Israeli...

From the Jordanian Blogosphere

  11 September 2005

On International Affairs: On the Jordanian blogging front, talk related to Katarina can still be heard. Jameed mentions an opinion that suggests that the focus on looting by “violent gangs” was a means “to divert attention from the total collapse of the infrastructure and the criminally irresponsible relief effort”. He...

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