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Video: Vietnamese bloggers get “kinky” for charity

  28 September 2006

Vietnamese blogger Elmooh has uploaded a series of four videos shot at an “Offline Party” – a blogger-organized charity fundraiser in Hanoi. The party included a game involving young men, young women, bananas and candles. (Don't worry, it's all g-rated and everybody keeps their clothes on!) I e-mailed Elmooh asking...

Ted Turner on the U.N.: Spoke but didn't listen

  20 September 2006

On Tuesday afternoon in New York, Georgia Popplewell, Alice Backer, Kamla Bhatt and I did our best to ask questions on behalf of the world's blogosphere at the Reuters “Newsmaker” conversation with Ted Turner, who gave $1 billion to set up the U.N. Foundation ten years ago. The bloggers participating...

Thailand: Living thru a Coup

  19 September 2006

Stuart G, an expat living in Bangkok, worries that the military might start fighting itself. But meanwhile he says “there is no fighting going on now. I am safe, my refrigerator is stocked, and I am not in danger.” Cowboy Caleb also has a running account of events from a...

Thailand: Coup News Blackout?

  19 September 2006

Metroblogging Bangkok blogs as the coup unfolds. He says CNN, BBC and all the international cable news channels have gone down and writes: “now just a matter of getting the Internet down…. I'll see you guys when Thailand becomes civilized again…” Kwanzoku has screenshots from the TV news until: “Now...

Thailand: Live-blogging the Coup

  19 September 2006

With what appears to be a military coup unfolding in Bangkok, Bangkok Pundit is live blogging the confusion. Gnarly Kitty also gives running commentary as the news unfolds, and fears the impending loss of Internet and mobile access… which means the live-blogging may not last for long.

U.N. reform: when you talk, will they listen?

  18 September 2006

When you talk, will this man listen? Let's find out on Tuesday. What is your opinion of the United Nations? What kind of impact has it had on your country and people? How should it be reformed? Who should lead it? Global Voices is hoping to share your views in...