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Join Our Live Chat! Handbook for Bloggers & Cyber-Dissidents

  27 September 2005

Update: The IRC chat was a great success, with three dozen participants from around the world (China, Malaysia, Tunisia, Bahrain, Japan, Germany, France and Canada, just to name a few…) The transcript is available here if you'd like to see what transpired. Coming out of the conversation are a new...

Comments problems

  26 September 2005

Sincerest apologies to anybody who tried to post comments over the past two days. This was caused by an unfortunate technical mess-up on my part while attempting to block a bad spammer. The bad news: If you tried to post something and it didn't appear, unfortunately it has been lost....

It's Out! Handbook for Bloggers & Cyber-Dissidents

  21 September 2005

Reporters Without Borders has given Global Voices a sneak peak at the Handbook For Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents before its official Thursday release. Click here to download the full booklet. Thanks to Julien Pain for his hard work on this project. It is a valuable gift to the world's bloggers. Lately...

Best of Blogs: Nominate your favorites!

  21 September 2005

Grateful thanks to the esteemed Dr. David Weinberger for nominating Global Voices for the Best of Blogs Awards. The contest is sponsored jointly by Deutsche Welle and Reporters Without Borders. There are 13 categories to nominate and vote. Here is how BoB team describes the award: “Best Journalistic Weblog honors...

China: State Secrets

  13 September 2005

Danwei has a rather cynical (and somewhat racy) post on what is and isn't a Chinese state secret.

South Korea: Blaming the U.S.

  13 September 2005

Marmot points to a South Korean opinion poll revealing that 53 percent of South Koreans polled believe the U.S. is most responsible for the continued division of the Korean Peninsula.

Malaysia: Mahatir critiques Iraq war

  13 September 2005

Jeff Ooi at Screenshots has links to lots of commentary Dr Mahathir's speech at a human rights conference last Friday where Western diplomats diplomats walked out on him after he criticized the U.S. and U.K for invading Iraq.

China: Murder Case

  13 September 2005

ESWN translates an article about “hottest subject on the Chinese Internet recently:” The Case of Wang Binyu.

Singapore: online sedition

  12 September 2005

From a Singapore Angle rounds up blogger coverage of the two bloggers charged with sedition for racist remarks online. There is also a follow-up post here. mr brown has more views here. Omeka Na Huria asks: are they being made an example?

South Korea: Bloggers critique Roh

  12 September 2005

Mingi Hyun of Asia's Secrurity Perils points to an editorial arguing that President Roh tends to “abuse South Korean nationalism”, written for the English edition of OhMyNews by fellow blogger Bernard Moon.

Cambodia: Katrina Aid

  12 September 2005

ThaRum and Cambodia4Kids both point out that even one of the poorest nations on earth has offered money for Katrina victims.

China: War atrocities

  11 September 2005

Bingfeng points to a Chinese-language discussion of Japanese wartime atrocities. He compares Chinese historical memories of the Rape of Nanking to Japanese historical memories of Hiroshima, and asks: is Hiroshima nuke fabricated by Japanese? (Warning: very disturbing descriptions.)

China: Overseas Democratic Movement

  11 September 2005

ESWN has a scathing post titled The Tragicomedy of the Overseas Chinese Democratic Movement in which he reproduces an interview with a former movement member who has grown very cynical.

China: Rich vs. Poor

  11 September 2005

ESWN translates a Chinese newspaper article on The Most Popular Forum Post Ever In China: an internet-bulletin board discussion thread which exposed the strong emotions held by many Chinese over the growing gulf between rich and poor.

Malaysia: SMS bankruptcy

  11 September 2005

Brand New Malaysian is concerned about the social implications of SMS polling by TV shows, because people with low incomes are hemmoraging money in order to vote for their favorite TV idols.

China: Yahoo! furore

  11 September 2005

T-Salon is sickened by Yahoo!'s behavior in China after it helped Chinese police convict journalist Shi Tao. Angry Chinese Blogger points out that the internal government circular Shi Tao was jailed for revealing included statements such as: “Resolutely never express any opinions that are not consistent with the central (Government’s)...