Rebecca MacKinnon · December, 2004

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Whither BloggerCorps?

  21 December 2004

BloggerCorps has had its first success story in Kentucky: Bob Cornett reports that his education-focused grassroots group has found a local blogger to help them build a blogging strategy, thanks to our site. Unfortunately the other two organizations – in England and the Middle East – have not been so...

Conference Raw Audio Posted

  21 December 2004

Below is the raw audio for all Global Voices sessions. Please note that not everybody spoke clearly into the mike, so some people are more audible than others. For the most complete experience you may want to follow along with SJ's transcripts (session 2 onward). Thanks again to Benjamen Walker...


  17 December 2004

Thanks to the many who have proposed changes and edits, here is the latest version of our Manifesto. Please suggest any further changes on the Wiki, but we hope that we can finalize it by Monday at the latest. We believe in free speech, both in protecting the right to...

Ory on Kenyan blogs

  8 December 2004

Ory Okolloh has written a briefing paper on Kenyan blogs as part of the I&S conference materials here (PDF file). She says that blogging has been a life-changing experience for her, and presents the results of interviews with three other Kenyan bloggers. In the concluding section of her paper Ory...

Thoughts from Jim Moore

  4 December 2004

Jim Moore has passed on the following ideas for “the broadest thinkable agenda for global citizen dialogue…” “a dialogue that will be net-enabled, plus travel and residency grounded, and that will hopefully generate new forms of individual and collective creativity, and perhaps the formation of new organizations and institutions.. What...