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As a native of Western Michgian, I received my Bachelors degree from Grand Valley State University in Russian Studies. Last April I received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Grant and am currently teaching English at Astrakhan State University in Astrakhan, Russia. This summer I will travel to Turkey to study Turkish and in the fall I will begin my Masters at Georgetown in Russian, Eurasian, and Eastern European studies. I blog about my travels and experinences at http://amongstthecaviarandwatermelons.wordpress.com/

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Russia: Astrakhan in Turmoil

RuNet Echo  18 April 2012

In Astrakhan, opposition leaders have relied on social media to mobilize and coordinate protestors. Technology, however, is not a panacea for Astrakhan's struggling opposition. Many in the city are still strangers to Internet technology, and others are utilizing it to support the state.