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Bangladesh: A Bold Protest Against Dowry

  15 November 2011

Farzana Yasmin, a young Bangladeshi bride sent ripples across the country when she divorced her husband right after the wedding, after his family, with his consent, asked for a dowry from her family.

India: Jim Corbett Museum

  14 November 2011

As a part of the Club Mahindra Bloggers Trip, Anu Shankaran went to the Corbett National Park and the Jim Corbett Museum and posts a photo essay. Jim Corbett was a British-Indian hunter of man-eating tigers and leopards, conservationist, naturalist, photographer and author.

India: Aishwarya Rai's Baby and Media Madness

  12 November 2011

The latest hype in Indian media is the pregnant Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her impending child birth. Twitter users discuss all the rumors, news, controversies and opinions on this issue.

India: The Perils Of Opulence In The Course Of Development

  12 November 2011

Mahalakshmi Ganapathy thinks that “wastage of resources, unnecessary opulence and wastage of money, the politics of land grab” etc are on the rise in India and opines that the Indians should address these issues immediately to ensure sustainable development.

India: 11/11/11

  11 November 2011

Soumyadip celebrates 11/11/11 with an incredible snapshot of his digital watches.

India: The Plights Of The Citizens Of Bhopal

  11 November 2011

Proloy Bagchi, a retired government official from Bhopal, writes about the citizens of Bhopal who are suffering from the degradation of environment due to massive construction works and cutting down of trees in the city.

Pakistan: Diagnosis from a Distance

  3 November 2011

Sonya Rehman reports that Pakistan is experimenting with a relatively new model of health care delivery: tele-medicine. The virtual medical consultation services however face a challenge – lack of availability of broadband Internet in many of Pakistan’s remotest areas.

Nepal: Is Online Anonymity Necessary?

  3 November 2011

Ujjwal Acharya discusses the difference between anonymity and privacy online. Considering the problems associated with anonymity Ujjwal asks whether online anonymity is necessary.