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Indian Media – Misusing its freedom?

  23 July 2010

Rinaya, one of the winners of the “Indian Media – Misusing its freedom?” blog contest comments in her winning post: “The media needs to be self-regulatory & humanitarian in its approach to the way it treats news. Only then the concept of Free Press can be realized.”

Pakistan: Perceptions And Accountability

  22 July 2010

Kiss My Roti says that the perceptions of “terrorism” and militant violence in Pakistan is shaping the social, political and cultural response to it by the Pakistanis. The blogger asserts the need for “a paradigm shift in narratives from assigning blame to accepting responsibility”.

Sri Lanka: Bravo Murali!

  22 July 2010

“On the last day of his last test match, Sri Lankan bowler Muttiah Muralitharan picked up his 800th test wicket, an unprecedented feat,” celebrates Sepia Mutiny.

Bangldesh: What Youth Think About Mobile Phones

  21 July 2010

Mobile Youth went to Bangladesh and produced a video where local youth “talked about their preferences for handsets and operators, which packages worked for them and which brands did they recommend to friends.”

Nepal: The Never Ending Political Drama

  20 July 2010

After two weeks of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal's resignation from his post, Nepal is yet to see a new Prime Minister. Dr. Hari Bansha Dulal wonders when will this political drama end.

India: Indian English

  20 July 2010

Indian tweeps are joining in large numbers to gather a lot of Indian English phrases using #indianenglish hashtag. Enjoy!

Nepal: Empowering The Youth

  20 July 2010

Sabingnawali at Nepali Blogger highlights Goreto, Nepal's nationwide youth empowerment project, which was initiated by a 19 year old Nepali youth.

India: Railway Or Death Trap?

  19 July 2010

Being Cynical at Desicritics reacts on today's tragic train accident in the Indian state of West Bengal and opines that the Indian railways are turning into a death trap.

Pakistan: The Urge To Ban

  19 July 2010

Faisal Kapadia at Deadpan Thoughts criticizes the urge of some Pakistanis to ban any problematic thing: “a ban is never an answer to any dilemma since it is an extremely inefficient way of proving one’s point.”

Bangladesh: Freedom Of Speech And Book Ban

  19 July 2010

Bangladeshi singer, songwriter, poet and blogger Maqsoodul Haque at The Bangladesh Poet of Impropriety discusses the politics behind and effectiveness of the recent banning of book of a controversial religious leader.

India: Innovative Startup Idea

  18 July 2010

Gaurav Mishra at Gauravonomics shares an innovative idea yet to be explored by startups – a service for getting together at places with friends of friends.