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India: Where is the crowd?

  23 September 2009

Is it the heat? Is it the rain? Is it the recession? Sukanya from Kolkata, India wonders why the usual crowds for the Durga Puja festivities are not building up.

Bhutan: Tax On Cars

  22 September 2009

The Bhutanese government is thinking about increasing the taxes and other fees levied on vehicles to control the increasing number of cars. Tshering Tobgay opines that the import quota system for the bureaucrats should be abolished to control traffic congestion. Bhutanese Blogger at Whatever Matters comments that the government should...

Bhutan: Climate Change And Religion

  22 September 2009

“For Bhutanese, there is an even stronger reason to believe in climate change. Our own religion, Buddhism prophecies climate change,” comments YesheyP at Kuzu Bhutan Weblog.

Bangladesh: The Exodus

  21 September 2009

Leetlegirl's Big Adventures blog posts some telling pictures of the mass exodus from the mega city Dhaka during the Eid holidays, which answer why the capital of Bangladesh is so quiet and free from traffic jams now.

Pakistan: The Origin Of Railways

  21 September 2009

Owais Mughal at All Things Pakistan writes about the origin of railways in Pakistan. “The first line from Karachi to Kotri (1861) was constructed primarily to reduce the journey time on the final stage of long haul from Britain to Delhi and Calcutta,” the blogger informs.

Sri Lanka: Endangered Amphibians

  21 September 2009

“Did you know that Sri Lanka holds the world record for the highest number of global amphibian extinctions?” informs Sri Lankan animal watcher blog Gallicissa.

India: Bangla Blogs

  19 September 2009

Diganta at The New Horizon informs that two new Bangla (Bengali) blogging platforms have been launched by Bangla speaking people in India.

Sri Lanka: Justice

  18 September 2009

“The week after Tissa was given 20 years for writing, two actual card carrying LTTE spokesmen were released on bail. Hence, being LTTE is pardonable, but being charged with meeting them or writing against the government (from a Tamil perspective) is not,” comments Indrajit Samarajiva at on the verdict...

India: Women & Housework

  18 September 2009

“What is it about housework that even the most liberated of us women continue to willing wear it around our necks like a millstone that we are proud of?” asks Aparna Singh at Ultra Violet.

India: Welcoming Foreign Universities

  18 September 2009

Supriyo Chaudhuri at Sunday Posts discusses about a proposed bill, which will pave the way for Foreign Education providers to offer degree programmes independently in India.

India: Commercialization Of Professional Education

  17 September 2009

Ram Bansal at India In Peril criticizes the commercialization of professional education in India and the mushroom growth of institutions offering such education. The blogger comments: “The setting up of such institutions is not related to the demand of professionals in the country, but purely with a purpose exploiting en-masse...

Bangladesh: Interview With Professor Anu Muhammad

  15 September 2009

Bangladesh Watchdog publishes an interview with Professor Anu Muhammad, member secretary of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports on their recent protests against the lease of three offshore gas fields of Bangladesh to foreign companies.

Bhutan: Drug Abuse – Sign Of Changing Times

  15 September 2009

Dipika wonders why there is a boom in newspaper reports about drugs in Bhutan. “A change in attitude, perhaps, on how we look at drug abuse, or rather, how the young generation looks at drug abuse,” comments the blogger.

Pakistan: Shifting The Blame For Stampede Death

  15 September 2009

Kalsoom at CHUP: Changing Up Pakistan informs that yesterday at least 19 women were killed in a stampede while collecting food in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Karachi. “In the wake of this heart-breaking incident, it seems we are all trying to find a scapegoat,” comments the blogger as...

Pakistan: Do Not Link Us With Afghanistan

  14 September 2009

“Whenever Pakistan is linked with Afghanistan, Islamabad reacts sharply and angrily because Pakistanis have been leading the fight against the Taliban on their own, unlike Afghanistan where Americans and NATO forces are fighting the Taliban,” comments Bilal Qureshi at Pak Tea House while discussing President Zardari's reactions on US President...