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Bangladesh: Accessorizing Patriotism

  21 February 2009

Bangladesh Corporate Blog thinks that “a time has come when we need to ‘accessorize patriotism’ somehow”. The blog suggests that Bangladeshis should brand something as small as a Gamcha (traditional cotton towel) to start with.

Pakistan: Caste System Still Alive

  20 February 2009

Raza Rumi at Jahane Rumi comments on casteism in Pakistan: “I live in a society where branding and group labels are essential, if not unavoidable. For this reason I am peeved that I still don’t know who I am.”

India: WordCamp

  20 February 2009

Delhi Bloggers Bloc is organizing the first WordCamp in India from 21st – 23rd February, 2009. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress will be present there. You can follow the live twitter feeds of WordCamp India.

Pakistan: Water Pollution

  19 February 2009

Owais Mughal at All Things Pakistan writes about the water pollution in Phuleli canal in Hyderabad and wants to “raise awareness about pollution in canals taken out from lower Indus i.e. Kotri Barrage.”

Bangladesh: Media vs. Parliament

  19 February 2009

An Ordinary Citizen points to an important aspect of the media coverage of the proceedings of Bangladesh parliament: “Media is to convey the news of the parliament as expected. Now, media is producing news of itself of matters which should have been discussed in the parliament.” Read the post for...

Pakistan: The Taliban Truce Deal

  19 February 2009

There is a civil war going on in Swat valley in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan for more than half a year between the Pakistani army and the pro-Taliban groups operating in that region. Hundreds of people have died and thousands of civilians have been displaced due to the...

Sri Lanka: Blog Posts In A Book

  17 February 2009

Cerno announces an idea of publishing Sri Lanka’s top 100 blog posts in a book. In a followup post the blogger explains how people can contribute to the project.

Bhutan: Yartsa Guenbup

  17 February 2009

Kaptang at Kuzu-Bhutan Weblog describes the dark side of the Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) or Yartsa Guenbup (caterpillar fungus) which is collected at an altitudes beyond 4,000 Mtrs.

Bangladesh: Ekushey Boi Mela

  17 February 2009

Dhaka Dweller posts some pictures of this year's Ekushey Book Fair, popularly known as Ekushey Boi Mela, the national book fair of Bangladesh.

India: The Free Hug Campaign

  16 February 2009

AJ at joined the Hug Karo, Pub Bharo aandolan (hug and fill the pub movement) and posts his experience including photos. This was organized by the Blogaloreans (Bangalore Bloggers group) to protest the moral policing of Shree Ram Sena activists in Mangalore.