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Sri Lanka: Fighting during Christmas

  25 December 2008

Cerno reports on the ongoing civil war around Nevil in Northern Sri Lanka: “as the world celebrates Christmas lots of humans from a volunteer army are fighting a crumbling terrorist death cult in the torrential rain.”

Bangladesh: A Calm Election

  24 December 2008

Kristin Boekhoff posts some pictures of the street advertisements of the candidates of the Bangladesh election. She comments that so far the election has been quite calm.

India: Improve Quality Of Governance To Tackle Terrorism

  24 December 2008

Nitin Pai guest blogs at Death Ends Fun stressing the need to improve the quality of governance of India to battle terrorism. And it can be achieved: “By voting. By giving money, legitimately, to politicians to support their election campaigns. And by holding them to account.”

Pakistan: Love Of Arabian Language

  23 December 2008

The view from behind my specs… comments: “everyone in Pakistan seems to have some strange affiliation with the Arabic language.” Read the post to learn why.

India: Talking Terrorism

  23 December 2008

Kavita Chhibber, a freelance journalist, shares at Desicritics some of her interviews with notable international personalities on the Mumbai Terror attacks.

Bangladesh Election 2008 And Cyber Activism

  23 December 2008

Bangladesh goes into poll on December 29, 2008 for a much awaited parliamentary election. The scenario is lot different than the recent US presidential election where citizen media and Internet campaigning and fund raising were extensively used. With a penetration of 1% of the total population of 145 million, Internet...

Pakistan: The forgotten silence of 1971

  22 December 2008

Raza Rumi at Pak Tea House discusses the tragic events of 1971 that lead to the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan: “The truth is that we as a state and society lost our majority province after pushing its people into a situation where independence through a War of Liberation was...

Pakistan: Airforce On High Alert!

  22 December 2008

Tensions are apparently running high between India and Pakistan as Lahore Metblogs reports: “Pakistan Air Force today conducted vigilance exercises throughout the central Punjab and North-Eastern parts of the country including Azad Kashmir.”

Bangladesh: A Change Is Required

  22 December 2008

Life As I Know It comments on the impending Bangladesh election: “I hope this 9th national election brings a change… no matter how small it is. It has to start from somewhere.”

Nepal: Darkness in Nepal

  19 December 2008

Bibek Paudel discusses about the constant power outages in Nepal which are disrupting the daily lives of the Nepalis.

Sri Lanka: Troubles At School Final

  18 December 2008

Chitrangi reports that in some areas of Sri Lanka the state school final (G.C.E/O Level) examinations ran into trouble because of errors in question papers and insufficient question papers.