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India: Advice from a Sri Lankan

  29 November 2008

The Under Dog at the Sri Lankan citizen journalism initiative Groundviews has this to say to the Indians on the Mumbai terror attacks: “Here’s a word of advice from a Sri Lankan to our big neighbor. Don’t go down the path we have taken. Don’t be tempted to sacrifice the...

India: Interview With The Mumbai Terrorists

  29 November 2008

Bangladeshi-American blogger Mash at Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying posts a transcript of the interview with a Mumbai terrorist (translated from Hindi) which was broadcast in an Indian TV channel.

India: A Muslim Speaks

  28 November 2008

Veteran Indian journalist M. J. Akbar blames complacence and politics for the failure to prevent the terror attacks and writes: “I am an Indian Muslim and proud to be both. Like any Indian, today I am angry, frustrated and depressed. I am angry at the manic, rabid dogs of war...

India: Responding To The Terrorist Attacks

  28 November 2008

The Acorn discusses which is the right way for India to respond to the Mumbai terrorist attacks and writes: “We call for a well-considered, national response to the war that has been thrust on India.”

India: Lack of Original Citizen Media Reporting

  28 November 2008

Gauravonomics Blog analyzes the role of social media and citizen journalism in the 11/26 Mumbai terror attacks and opines: “The (..) terror attack was a time for first-hand original reporting, and the Indian blogosphere didn’t quite rise to the task.”

India: Updates On Hostage Situation

  27 November 2008

Ultra Brown posts an update on the Mumbai hostage situation: “At 1.08am (IST), Nov 28: the drama is far from over. Despite reports that the situation at the Taj had been defused, there has been firing which means things are clearly going to go well into the morning. At the...

India: Where Is The Leadership?

  27 November 2008

Supriyo Chaudhuri at Sunday Posts analyzes why Mumbai has become easy target for terrorism, discusses the terrorists’ motives and finally blames the leadership: “The politicians were amazingly ineffective. They had no idea what was happening. They did not share information. They did not show leadership.”

India: Twitting The Terror

  27 November 2008

The terror attacks in Mumbai have shocked India and the world. The mainstream media sources covered the news extensively and the citizen journalists were also equal to the task as the events unfolded. The Wired has mentioned how Twitter made an impact as a source of first hand information during...

Nepal: The Story of Karnali

  26 November 2008

Bibek Paudel reviews the much acclaimed Nepalese play “Karnali Dakhhin Bagdo Chha” (कर्णाली दख्खिन बग्दो छ — Karnali flows southwards) which was featured in the Kathmandu International Theatre Festival 2008.

Pakistan, India: Cyber Warfare

  26 November 2008

Teeth Maestro reports that the websites of oil and gas regulatory authorities of Pakistan and India had been defaced as hackers of both the countries were engaged in a cyber warfare.

Nepal: What is happening to the country?

  25 November 2008

Shristi notices that there is unnecessary tension in the daily life of the Nepalis: “In former times the country used to be lively and full of tourists but now you can hardly see a tourist walking in the streets as you pass by. The people are living in fear.”

Bangladesh: The rich and powerful are back

  25 November 2008

D in Dhaka notices that the rich and powerful of Bangladesh are back in business as the election approaches. They kept a low profile during the interim government’s crackdown on corruption.

Pakistan: A Dancer’s Perspective on Pakistan

  25 November 2008

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan posts an interview of Sheema Kermani, a classical dancer, teacher, drama artist and women’s rights activist. Sheema describes how art and music have traditionally been viewed in Pakistan and what obstacles women face in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Lahore Bloggers Meet

  24 November 2008

Light Within posts a review of today's Lahore Bloggers’ Meet including pictures. CIO Pakistan has links to live blogs, twitters and videos covering the meet.