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Bangladesh: Compromised Media

  30 May 2008

Ever since Bangladesh was put under a state of emergency by an interim government supported by the military it was a testing time for Bangladesh media. The credibility of Bangladesh’s Bangla and English-language press is in question as their recent role seems biased and appeasing. This post discusses the degrading situation of the Bangladeshi media.

Sri Lanka: Micro-blogging election violence and malpractices

  5 May 2008

ICT for Peacebuilding Blog points us to Vikalpa, a citizen journalism initiative in Sri Lanka, where “reports via SMS from citizens at the grassroots are being used to provide perspectives from the Eastern Province in the lead up to and on the day of the elections (10th May 2008).” Check...

India: cause of global food crisis

  5 May 2008

Aparna Ray replies to US President Geoge Bush's remark that the growing prosperity of India's large middle class is contributing to rising food prices around the world, with an apt limerick: “It seems we have hurled, The rest of the world, Into crisis by not chewing grass!“

Pakistan: A 20-20 cricket league in 2009

  2 May 2008

Rohail Butt reports in The Pakistani Spectator that watching the financial success of the Indian Premier League cricket, the Pakistan Cricket Board has announced their own Pakistan Premier League, which will start from next year.

Bangladesh: ration for workers vs. profit sharing

  2 May 2008

The knitwear industry of Bangladesh is going to increase salary for the workers and it is also thinking of introducing food rations for the workers to overcome the present price hike. An Ordinary Citizen thinks these steps may not be fair enough and proposes to introduce profit sharing with workers...

India: Recipes from Bengal

  2 May 2008

Indian Food Blog Bong Mom's CookBook introduces its readers to the world of Bengali cuisine in a two part series. Part I displays recipes in the following categories – Rice, Veggie Side Dish, Dal, Complete Meal, Seafood, Meat and Eggs. Part II has recipes of Chutney, Dessert, Snacks and Drink.

Nepal: Uncertainty after election

  2 May 2008

Maila Baje of Nepali Notebook analyzes the post election politics in Nepal: “Despite being the largest party in the newly elected assembly, the Maoists are not quite sure they would get to head the government.”

Pakistan: Missing Libraries

  1 May 2008

Adil Najam raises concerns in All Things Pakistan Blog that Pakistanis read less. He finds out a cause that there is a shortage of functional libraries in Pakistan: “We have no public libraries, beyond what the British left us”.

Bhutan: Beauty pageant for a change

  1 May 2008

Kashyapji writes in Kuzu-Bhutan weblog about “Miss Bhutan” contest, an upcoming beauty pageant which is expected to set a new trend breaking the ice of the protectionist Bhutanese culture.

Bangladesh: Exit Strategy

  1 May 2008

Unheard Voices Blog analyzes the recent politics in Bangladesh: “After a lot of fumbling, failures and reform buzzwords, the government has come up with its own exit strategy. No, it has nothing to do with continuing reform or fixing our institutes. Its simply about their collective backside getting protected by...

India: Pedestrian rights in Mumbai

  1 May 2008

The City Fix publishes a two part interview (Part 1, Part 2) with Mr. Krishnaraj Rao, who is leading a grassroots campaign on behalf of pedestrian rights in Mumbai. Pedestrians often have the lowest priority on the roads in this mega city.