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Guatemala: The Kaibiles as Peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  6 November 2008

The Kabiles are soldiers that are part of the Guatemalan Army that has a poor track record of human rights abuses. Now, they are members of a UN peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many are wondering whether their controversial and aggressive training methods, and their reputation as a "killing machine" coincides with the task of peacekeeping in this African nation.

Guatemala: The Fiambre and Other Foods for Day of the Dead

  3 November 2008

What began as an improvised dish called Fiambre made of leftovers and made by nuns in Antigua, Guatemala, has become a tradition during the Day of the Dead holidays. The dish includes up to 150 ingredients including slices of cold cut meats, cheeses, potatoes, and vegetables. The Fiambre and other foods play a large part in the celebration in Guatemalan households.