Renata Avila · October, 2007

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Guatemala: Missing Home

  30 October 2007

Migration either internally or to countries abroad is a usual phenomenon in Guatemala. During the armed conflict and the years of extreme poverty and violence several Guatemalans decided that there was a lack of real opportunities. As a result many left their homelands to go to the capital city or to go North to find other ways to survive and improve their quality of life. Blogs play an important role in keeping people connected and to bring a piece of Guatemala closer.

Guatemala: And the Winner is Carlos Peña

  1 October 2007

It wasn't until Guatemalan singer Carlos Peña appeared on the international television program Latin American Idol that he received support and love from his fellow Guatemalans. When he won, the entire country celebrated. Bloggers joined in on the celebration, but also wondered why Peña had to go abroad and appear on television there before Guatemalans would support local talent.