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Panama Commemorates May 1 with Protests and Work

  2 May 2012

In Panama, the public holiday of Labour Day which falls on May 1 was moved to April 30 in order to give workers a long weekend. However, various labour unions decided to carry out acts of protest on May 1. Netizens share their reactions.

Peru: Rains Overflow Rivers and Flood Loreto

  7 April 2012

The rain in Peru has not stopped. Since February heavy rains have been causing floods across the country. Here are some citizen reports of flooding in the region of Loreto in the Peruvian Amazon, where the city of Iquitos is one of the most affected places.

Peru: Cápac Raymi, The Andean Christmas

  16 January 2012

Before the introduction of Christmas festivities to Peru, the Incas celebrated Cápac Inti Raymi Killa, a religious festival that took place in honour of the Sun. Cápac Raymi is no longer celebrated as it once was, but today Inca an Christian elements mix during the end of the year festivities in various towns of the Peruvian Andes.

USA: Uncertain Future of Student Occupy Movement in California

  8 December 2011

The pepper spraying incident against a group of peacefully protesting students, which occurred on November 18th on the Davis campus of the University of California, has called the attention of the media and fueled the discussion on police misconduct. The student occupation continues, but the future of the movement is unknown.