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Syria: No More Bab el Hara

  17 November 2008

Ayman Haykal [Ar] links to a report published on Haaretz that says the Israeli cellular provider, Cellcom, made a profit of approximately 400.000 shekels per month this year from the Syrian soap opera, Bab El Hara (Neighborhood Gateway).

Syria: No for Sunni/Shiaa Divisions, We're Muslims!

  15 November 2008

Feras [AR] comments on the so called “Shia-Sunni conflict” in the region. He says that this conflict is not only due to Zionists and Americans’ policies in the region, but also due to Arabs themselves. He asserts that it is Arabs who are enhancing such sectarian divisions. He ends his...

Syria: Using ScribeFire

  14 November 2008

In this post, Omar [AR] tells us that he used the FireFox add-on, Scribefire, to publish his post. He explains how it is easy to add the plug-in in your browser and publish posts without necessarily signing into your blog account. And to those who own several blogs he adds:...

Syria: Bloggers Unite to Read

  12 November 2008

For the first time in the Syrian blogosphere, local Syrian bloggers have came up with a refreshing idea; forming an online book club in which they decide on reading a certain book, and after 10 days, each reader would offer her/his reading of the book on their personal blogs. The...

Syria: Unprofessional Websites

  12 November 2008

Salam [AR] lists in this post problems most Arabic internet users face as they're viewing Arabic websites. He argues that the reason behind such problems is mostly due to the profession of these websites’ owners: they're not websites’ designers nor developers, but rather money makers.

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