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South Africa: Rugby Playing Its Part in Transformation

  29 May 2010

Sport is still largely split along racial lines in South Africa. Football is considered a non-white sport and rugby is considered by many to be a game played by white South Africans. There have been many attempts at transforming these attitudes, but this year’s rugby Super 14 has proved to be the most significant step in nation building.

South Africa: Julius Malema Wants to Kiss and Make Up!

  25 May 2010

Julius Malema, the president of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) is no stranger to controversy. In fact, many would argue that it is what he thrives on. He is regarded by some as the voice of impoverished youth in South Africa. By others, he is the personification of the failings of black economic empowerment.

South Africa: Nation mourns passing of Dr Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert

  18 May 2010

The day was July 9 1987. The place was Dakar, Senegal. The participants - members of the then banned African National Congress and a group of 61 influential white Afrikaners. The mission – sketch a new, democratic future for South Africa. Amongst this delegation was a man who would become a giant in South African politics – Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert.

South Africa: Finding Common Ground Amidst “Race War”

  13 May 2010

South Africans are definitely not colour blind. Forty-odd years of apartheid has ensured that the concept of race is entrenched in the hearts and minds of many South Africans. The dawn of democracy in 1994 gave birth to hopes of an equal society. However, sixteen years on, it is becoming increasingly evident that race is a hurdle that South Africans are struggling to overcome. Judging from the blogosphere, it seems that South Africans are weary of being labeled and truly long to find common ground.

South Africa: It’s Time to Diski

  7 May 2010

There are many official tags, tokens and logos that define sporting events around the globe. This year’s 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is no different. We have the official FIFA logo, the official FIFA mascot, the official FIFA trademarks and now – the official dance!