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Vietnam: Installing Linux

  23 September 2007

Saigon Nezumi, who is promoting open source in Vietnam, is pleased that his student was able to install Ubuntu Linux on his computer by himself.

Thailand: Thaksin's Letter

  20 September 2007

Real Life in Thailand makes a point by point rebuttal of statements made by the former prime minister Thaksin on the anniversary of the coup that ousted him. The letter attacks the current administration in Thailand.

Thailand: North Korean Refugees in Thailand

  20 September 2007

Bangkok Pundit responds to the criticism that Thailand is singling out North Korean detainees for harsh treatment. North Koreans fleeing the desperate conditions in their country are increasingly using Thailand as a transit point to South Korea.

Philippines: Blog Round Up

  18 September 2007

Pinoyblogero has highlights from last week's posting on Philippines blogsphere. The topics include the trail of former president Joseph Estrada and how a blogger stirred up controversy by baiting them on his blog.

Cambodia: Preventing Exploitation of Girls

  18 September 2007

Vutha summarizes a report on sexual exploitation of women in Cambodia and calls for stricter implementation of laws that according to him are only there for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

Cambodia: Anti-Terrorism Training

  18 September 2007

K-Media has a better idea for US Federal Bureau of Investigation that is currently involved in training Cambodian Interior Ministry officials in counter-terrorism.

Thailand: Phuket Plane Crash

  16 September 2007

Bloggers in Thailand and the region are posting about the air crash at Phuket airport this afternoon. Phuket is a popular tourist destination in Thailand and many locals and foreigners visit the city for its beaches. Flight OG269, operated by a budget airline, was flying in from Bangkok with both...

Myanmar: Map of Protests

  15 September 2007

Fifty Viss posts a link to a site that has a map providing details of the protests against the fuel price hike across Myanmar.

Myanmar: Don't Spread Rumors

  15 September 2007

Dawn asks people to stop spreading rumors. “For example, there was a rumour that a tsunami will hit Sittwe on a specific day (a city in western coast of Myanmar). A lot of people were talking about it, and were worried. I asked what's the source of this information… If...