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East Timor: Xanana's Past and Future

  21 April 2007

Timor Leste Perspectives looks at the role Xanana Gusmao, the outgoing president of East Timor and former resistance leader in the independence movement and subsequently as a president of free East Timor as a president.

Fiji: First Ever Blog Meet Report

  21 April 2007

Digital Fiji writes about the blog meet they had in Suva. The low attendance did not keep them from having “a great talk about everything from politics to family history to taxi drivers to Hi5 – oh, and blogging, too”

Malaysia: Astronaut Hype

  21 April 2007

The Malaysian is not impressed with the hype that the government is trying to generate about the first Malaysian astronaut. “We are merely using a Russian space vehicle to piggyback our ‘astronaut’ in exchange for buying Russian aircraft at a ridiculously inflated price. That is the painful truth. There have...

Vietnam: Online Entertainment Company Hiring

  21 April 2007

Azngamerboi in Vietnam is inviting candidates to become part of the booming online scene in Vietnam. “Do you have what it takes to be part of a pioneer group of marketing savvy professionals that will form the culture, history, and what-not of Vietnam’s biggest online entertainment company? If so, check...

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City

  21 April 2007

Ho Chi Minh City resident and blogger at Antidote to Burnout introduces us to the urban planning of the most populous city in Vietnam.

Philippines: SMS Tax

  19 April 2007

Blogging Bugs ridicules a politician's plan to tax text messages and use the money collected in education.

Philippines: Schools Responsibility Too

  19 April 2007

Touched by an Angel feels that the school should have informed the parents of the Virginia Tech shooting suspect as soon as they had come across disturbing material in his creative writing assignment. “My personal view on the matter is that the school should inform the parents if they see...

Fiji: Blogger's Meet

  18 April 2007

The blogger at Digital Fiji invites bloggers living in Fijian capital Suva to a bloggers meetup and discusses the state of Fijian blogosphere. “It would not be going too far to call 2007 The Year of the Blog in Fiji. Although, it may be more accurate to call it The...

Malaysia: Ethnicity of Election Candidate

  18 April 2007

Susan Loone comments on the influence of ethnicity on Malaysian elections. “Political parties should be really choosing candidates who can negotiate, speak out and understand policy making, instead of those who are only apt at inciting racist sentiments.”

Vietnam: Working in Vietnam

  13 April 2007

azngamerboi publishes an interview in which he recounts his move from Philippines to Vietnam and talks about the opportunities in Vietnam for expats.

Indonesia: Labour Activist Running for President

  13 April 2007

Indonesia Matters has a profile on Dita Indah Sari, a labour activist intending to run for the post of Indonesian president in the next elections. “Dita, like Amien Rais, believes that the examples of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and Bolivian leader Evo Morales, should be followed by Indonesia, specifically their...

Malaysia: Letters to the PM

  13 April 2007

Malaysian member of parliament Lim Kit Siang is disappointed that the Malaysian prime minister is ignoring the letters sent to him. “If the Prime Minister does not read and is not bothered to get briefed about an urgent letter from the Parliamentary Opposition Leader on serious corruption allegations against high-profile...

Malaysia: Attending a Kenduri

  12 April 2007

Eating Asia has pictures from a Kenduri – a traditional Malay ceremony or feast. The blogger describes the preparation of the food. “All kenduri involve protocol – there are must-do's and must-don'ts; dress should be appropriate, and ritual respected. But this is Malaysia, a country where food is never an...